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Yoga Props to Add to Your Christmas Wishlist

by Alexis Azria 11 months ago in yoga
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Alexis Azria gives advice on the latest in yoga essentials.

If you’re the yogi in your friend group or family, the chances are that you already have all the yoga essentials needed to practice this skill. However, as the holiday season rolls around again, you might be looking forward to updating your personal inventory or adding a few of the latest gadgets to make your workout even more beneficial or relaxing. Read below to discover some of the newest yoga props to add to your Christmas wishlist.

Bala Bangles

Yoga is known for building core strength, improving flexibility and relaxing your body. However, some accessories, such as Bala Bangles, allow you to add resistance to your workout to build your strength. While these only weigh one pound each, they add enough weight to add resistance and make for a slightly more challenging workout.

Yoga Dice

Not everybody can attend a yoga class throughout the week. Many experienced yogis take their practice home, following the poses they have learned. However, this routine might get a little old after doing it so many times. To freshen things up, you can gift yourself with a set of yoga dice. These dice are covered with sketches of yoga poses, encouraging you to add variations to your routine and try new asanas.

Yoga Mat Carry Bag

You may have been lugging your yoga mat around for years with no problem. However, many yogis decide to make a small investment in a yoga mat carry bag that allows them to sling their mat over their shoulder and transport it more easily. This is an excellent addition to your Christmas wishlist if you regularly find yourself traveling back and forth from yoga classes. It also makes it easier for you to take on flights if you choose to do so.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Although this might seem like an odd item to ask for as a gift, it makes for a great stocking stuffer. Although yoga is often viewed as a relaxing practice, the more experienced yogis know that it can actually be very sweat-inducing and work out muscles you didn’t even know you had. A good yoga mat cleaner will help rid your mat of any leftover residue from sweat or reduce any unpleasant smells that may start to arise. You can ask for a scent with essential oils to leave a relaxing fragrance for you.

Fun Apparel

Even if you feel like you have everything you could possibly need for practicing yoga, fun new apparel is always great, especially if some of your favorite pieces are getting worn out! Plenty of companies make cute headbands, fun leggings, and more to help you look your best and feel comfortable while you do yoga, whether at a studio or in your own home.

Straps, Blocks, and More

There are tons of accessories out there to help you master challenging poses and strengthen muscles, a couple of examples being yoga straps and blocks. Yoga straps are a great tool to help you maximize the impact of your stretching by adding resistance. These allow you to deepen your stretches in a safe, controlled way.

Yoga blocks are a great tool, especially if you are newer to yoga or have any physical limitations. They add support and can help make some poses more accessible. Even if you’re a yoga pro, yoga blocks can be helpful when learning new poses and can even be used to make some poses more challenging! These are a great addition to your collection of yoga supplies, whatever your skill level.

If you’re looking to change your yoga routine, this list will hopefully give you some great ideas for how some simple props can expand the possibilities!


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