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Yoga helped me physically...

by A.A.C. 8 days ago in yoga

and mentally

Yoga helped me physically...
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2020 was the year where I was going to be fit and everything was going to be good. Boy was I wrong! I did not get to workout as much as I wanted to and I like many people in the year 2020, my mental state was not in the best shape. I could not do my 10,000 steps regime that I was doing very well in early 2020 but I could not do 10,000 steps in my house all day nor at my sister’s house while I babysat. I needed to exercise for the sake of my physical and just as important, my mental health.

Late March, I got back to trying to work out. I did simple things like walking up and down the stairs for 30 minutes, doing 100 squats, sit-ups and went onto Youtube to do exercise videos. I found a lot of exercise videos that caught my eye like Belly Dancing, Zumba, Tae-bo, etc. I felt good, but I wanted an exercise regimen that would feed into benefitting my mental stake as well as my physical. There was one physical activity where that came to mind where I felt the benefits of my mind, body and soul: Yoga.

I began doing yoga a few years ago, but I was not active in yoga that much. The stretches were gruesome, I felt uncomfortable having people see me in suggestive positions and I feared people seeing me fall. However, I decided to get back into this because I did notice that it helped me mentally. So I started off slowly. I began by going on Wii Fit. There is a yoga area where you can do multiple positions. I tried to do all of them, but some of them were a little strenuous for me.

I pushed through and thought to myself that there was “no pain, no gain”. I began to do the exercises and I noticed something: my body began to slowly tone. I noticed that my thighs were getting a little more firm, my waist was getting smaller and my love handles were slowly melting away. The main thing however, was that I was noticing that my mental health started to improve as well. I do not know what it was. The soft music. The deep breathing. The calm voice of the instructor. I just felt as if I was taken away to nirvana.

As the weeks passed, I began to be an expert into yoga. I knew how to form a tree, do the chair, and do the Cobra without straining myself. I truly found bliss. I knew how to do yoga and the poses so well, that I actually began to do yoga without the Wii instructor or on Youtube. I started doing yoga in my room. I had the lights off in my room and had New Age music on my TV. I found my peace and was able to see improvement with my body. My balance has been remarkable and I started to sleep really well.

I know that in this day and time, we care more about our physical health. Yet, it doesn’t matter if we do not take care of our mental health as well. After all, the most important organ is the brain. A quote that I seen online regarding yoga was this:

“Yoga is essentially a practice for the soul, working through the medium of your body”

Tara Fraser

I am at the end of this post. As I leave, just know that it is important to take care of your physical and mental health, Namaste.

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