✨Find Your Inner Peace✨


In the current situation we are in, everyone is worried and/or panicked about covid and other scenarios happening in the world. Considering that people are stuck at home, we all are getting tired of this new system and want it to get back to normal. However, in that process we are losing ourselves, which is not worth it, in fact can lead to severe impacts, such as health issues and/or stress.

I feel that everyone is in the same shoes so the only way to cope with it is to get back to our lives without the thought on the pandemic as much. It’s only best if we stay in tact with ourselves and do things needed to make sure we are safe and happy in the way we deal things these days. For certain people it is doing yoga/meditation, for some it’s art, others is dance or singing, maybe hanging with friends. And for others, it can simply be watching tv, but watever keeps our mental and physical state healthy and happy is the best way to come out of these thoughts, rather than being depressed and/ or worry too much about something that will hopefully some day leave us.

As a college student, and moreover an architecture student, I typically have so much stress on my back and have many assignments, projects, homework to deal with and on top of that social issues and having time to eat and sleep properly. There were times I lost it completely and wanted to quit college yet I didn’t and found a way to make myself happy and just relax a bit till I could come back to normal. So, for everyone there are ups and downs, yet the best way to do is to not take it personally and try to find that INNER PEACE in you by doing what you love to do the best.

This past summer and a bit early, we were sent home for a quarantine that was expected for only 3 months, yet we were stuck at home for almost 1/2 a yr now! Yet, virtually attending college/office we continued our daily lives, obviously not the way we were used to, but still did. It’s human tendency to get frustrated at home, I was too, but if we think POSITIVELY, it gave a chance for us to spend time with our families, freed up space for us to do things that we wouldn’t have the time to otherwise and possibly learn new skills. Likewise, I learned a few things here and there and also managed to get summer courses done with great grades. More importantly, it gave the earth sometime to breathe and rest for a bit, hence skies got clearer, roads were quiet, and not too much pollution.

This past week, I went to the beach, even though I went a few times already, this time I went specifically to do some yoga and really understand my state of being at the current moment and digest the fact that I have to get used to this for a while and to really absorb the nature into me, which allowed me to gain my peace which I was missing for a few months. This picture was taken on that day.

Finally, all i want to say is never forget to find your inner peace, because in the end it does nothing, but makes you happy and healthy, and that’s all a person needs in order to enjoy their lives peacefully. Having less expectations and following your routine may give you better things that many not come otherwise.


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