WTF Do We Eat!?

by Cale Mitchell 2 years ago in diet

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WTF Do We Eat!?
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The list of athletes signed to the Vegan-Plant-Based, Team VPB, is soon going to reach it's capacity. I will be the brave soul abandoning ship to allow the next to be enlisted. Right now I have to focus on the battle ahead for my next drafting; I am training for Team Carnivore.

It is hard to give up something you love to eat, and have eaten for many years; it is hard to change habits. It's even harder when that food is considered to be the healthy of health. And it's almost illogical to give up the aforementioned food when you share commonality in your name; Kale has now left my diet, but will never leave my identity (Cale).

I never thought I would be saying goodbye to Kale and hello to Beef, but recently stumbling down the ever illusive YouTube rabbit hole, wiggling my way into alt-thinking side tunnels, I found something I had not heard before and went against everything I was. At the end of this tunnel, I discovered that veggies may not be all that we are told they are; they may be killing us slowly, and we are unknowingly pumping them down our throats like 7-11 Big Gulps, that we know do kill.

But let me first say I am not trying to preach my diet or any of my crazy notions onto anyone. I am just sharing my experiences; I do feel they are quite profound however, and you should all listen and possibly experiment if you so choose.

Aspiring to become an elite distance runner, any surface, any distance, the ideal path seemed to be VPB. The ideal time of consumption: anytime, since you are burning all kinds of calories and need to replenish always. Almost exactly two years into my sudden lifestyle change to intermittent-fasting (IF, another hairy tunnel of fur to wiggle down), I now am open to just about any sort of edge that can be attained by diet to improve performance. Eat once a day and kick-ass? Doesn't work? But oh yes, it does. No, really. If you limit your consumption to a small sub-six hour window your body does some pretty insane things. Ketosis anyone? Try going for 22 hours and then eating for two hours straight. It will probably be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, and it can happen everyday if you choose (all about choice). And all the while you are starving yourself, Cale 2.0 IF-VPB is crushing miles and running 5:28 miles to get 15th in a major-city Half-Marathon. So yes, eating once-a-day for a small window does make your body kick-ass.

It is a new day, new-age, upgrades come out for the iPhone almost monthly, and it is time to roll out Cale 2.5 IF-MEAT. So far, the over-use injury in the general Hip quadrant immediately began to heal. The popping once present in my Hip is gone. I am doing strength training, trying to maximize all the benefits of stretching, and I found a new energy and vigor to try again with my failed vegan-rehab. Only this time, within the first days on this new diet, I could finally feel the progress of recovery and rehabilitation. The next step was now getting back on my feet and seeing just how far the initial rehab had paid off.

My first obstacle to begin tackling was the illusive 14er's right in my backyard; the Elk Mountains, and the Sawatch range, home to 22 peaks rising above 14,000 feet. Progressively over the next couple of weekends, I found myself grinding away; low-speed ascents of ridge-lines, gully-climbs, and boulder hopping ensued, and in a matter of four weeks I knew it was time to get my flatter, faster miles moving ahead.

The first days back to running felt as if I hadn't missed one step, even though there was a several month period in which I wasn't running. This came as a quick mystery of confusion, only to turn into a sudden burst of confidence—you are back to where you were before the injury, and are closer to par at the start of training than you were at peak of Marathon-Training before the Hip injury.

The new Carnivore Diet has undetermined all the progress I thought I was making while on the VPB in a matter of weeks. The strength present within my body is unlike any strength I have know before. I wake earlier, feel more energetic, grind day-in, day-out, and keep pushing for that next level of peak performance. And I do contribute these benefits directly to changing my diet from the "healthy" vegan diet, to the "unhealthy" meat diet. I dislike being told something is correct without knowing the facts myself, and now seeing through the fog, I feel we are being feed a bunch of garbage, literally, by the mainstream media and social outlets. Meat is not unhealthy; never has been in the history of humanity and never will be in the future. There is great concern with the quality of the meat we are producing, but that hype about that meat being unworthy for human consumption is so steeped in propaganda it looks as if we are time-traveling back to the 30s and 40s, the heart of the American Dream, and the lies associated with the dream.

I will continue on this meat-based journey for as long as I see and feel the benefits it provides. But with improved performance in both my body and mind, I don't believe I will be running back to the namesake Kale anytime soon. I encourage all who read this to do a little research on their own, be it some light reading into the subject, or jumping head first into the meat. The results will speak for themselves.

Cale Mitchell
Cale Mitchell
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