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Witnessing Magnificence

by Soleira Green 2 months ago in humanity

A day in the life of a quantum coach

How to unleash genius in people

I spend my days as a visionary author and quantum coach. The author part is obvious ~ I write (and love doing it). But what the heck is a quantum coach?

A quantum coach is someone who is willing to witness others' magnificence no matter the circumstances or how much that person tries to convince you otherwise. That witnessing allows people to take quantum leaps in fulfilling their potential and unleashing their genius.

After 25 years of working with people in the fields of transformation, genius, innovation and consciousness, I can tell you that every single person on this planet has wondrous gems buried deep within them ... gems that may never see the light of day if not for a 'miner of magnificence'. I get to spend my days mining this magnificence in people. It's exhilarating and exciting, leaving me super energised at the end of every day.

Our world isn't fully oriented yet in the art of celebrating uniqueness, sourcing genius expression and calling forth the best in everyone. In school, children are taught to follow the rules, memorise facts and, if they're lucky, find some basic ways to express themselves creatively. But the moment just one single person, be that a teacher, friend, parent or grandparent, sees who you really are, then your potential and genius is unleashed in you for a lifetime.

Take for example, one of my good friends who just wrote her PhD on Epiphanous Learning. In her thesis she tells how early on in life, despite abuse in the family, a neighbour and then a teacher kept her joy and intelligence alive. She now teaches teachers in a university setting how to see who children really are, especially diverse children. She's a global expert in working with autistic children with great results. What would the world have lost had those two adults not seen who she was all those years ago?

In our education systems even basic creative abilities, like painting, writing, dancing and singing, are minimally explored. So often, because someone early on told them they shouldn't or couldn't do something they loved and were good at, people stuff these creative abilities inside. They lock them up in the treasure chest that stays buried within until a 'miner of magnificence' comes along and whoosh out comes that treasure chest, lid popping open wide with gems of genius spilling out all over the place.

As I've coached people over the years, the stories they have told me about who they are and what they can do are extraordinary. As I witness their magnificence and feed it back to them, they begin to tell me of abilities they have that they've never told anyone before. Abilities like being able to become one with a bird or a dolphin and experience their experience. Or travel to other dimensions and experience new worlds. Or weave new matrixes in the universe. Or see where people's energies are broken and reweave them to their optimal next potential. They begin to talk about deep desires and greater purpose, opening up to levels of genius and mastery in them that they had long forgotten.

In a day in the life of me, I get to discover the wonders and genius of people around the world. To leap them onto pathways of difference making. To unleash their brilliance and get them on track for inspiring and uplifting us all with their genius. This is such an enormous privilege that I can't begin to express its depth and wonder in full here in words. So let me instead point you to how you can witness another's magnificence so you can try it out for yourself to literally see the miraculous results that come from it.

1. No matter what someone says about their life and circumstances, don't buy it. You don't have to negate it, but don't give any credence to it in yourself. Instead create a wide open space of discovery for both of you to discover who they really are beyond the story of their life.

2. Now, as if you're standing way back from the person they think they are, see beyond everything that is currently shaping them. Beyond their beliefs, their history, their learning, their families, all of it. Be willing to be amazed. Be willing to be moved to tears by the sheer wonder and brilliance of them. You don't have to say anything. Just simply bask in the wonder of them and watch the treasure chest unfurl.

3. If you're called to do so, tell them what you're sensing and seeing about them. Not fake compliments, but true, genuine acknowledgement of what you really see in them. Speak it as an honour to witness them. Something in the timber of your voice begins their unleashing when you are truly moved by the awesomeness of them.

4. Then let them talk. Listen ... and I mean really listen, deeply, profoundly, as if you're sharing in a special moment with them. They will then begin to speak the things that have been hidden inside. Their genius will surface and you want to give credence and acceptance to that, as if no one else before has ever done that for them.

5. Finally, witness their magnificence one more time just to give it all a place to land in them. You don't have to say anything if you don't want to. In fact the whole process can be done quietly and without words if you prefer.

The results are spectacular. Over and over again you'll be wow'd by what dwells deep in the treasure chests of human beings just waiting to be unleashed. And so is genius born and given flight. Isn't that just the most marvellous thing!


Soleira Green

I love writing & have written a book called 'The Genius Game' (one of 10 books currently published). I love empowering people to unleash their brilliance into the world. Discover more about me at https://www.soleiragreen.com/

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Soleira Green
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