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Will Alcohol Cause Urethritis?

Can alcohol induce urethritis?

By Amanda ChouPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Will Alcohol Cause Urethritis?
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Urethritis is a common urinary system disease. It refers to inflammation of the urethral mucosa due to pathogenic bacteria that invade the urethra. Women's incidence is higher than that of men. Urethritis is divided into acute urethritis, chronic urethritis, non-specific urethritis, and gonorrhea urethritis clinically. The main symptoms of urethritis are frequent urination, painful urination, and hematuria.

Drinking does not directly cause urethritis. Drinking is just induction of urethritis. Drinking can cause a decrease in physical resistance, and pathogenic bacteria are easy to invade the body. If you drink for a long time, your physical resistance will worse, aggravating the symptoms of patients with urethritis. Thus, patients with urethritis should try to avoid drinking. However, if you haven't infected urethritis before, drinking will not cause urethritis generally. Urethritis is usually due to bacterial infections.

What can cause urethritis?

1. Ignore personal hygiene

After urination or stool, bacterial residues are around the urethra or anus. Therefore, if you have poor hygiene, these bacteria will invade the urethra and cause urethritis. To avoid this situation, clean the private parts with warm water daily and change your underwear.

2. Unclean sexual life

If both men and women do not pay attention to hygiene in sexual life, sexual activities will bring bacteria into the urethra, which will cause urethritis. Therefore, men and women must pay attention to hygiene in sexual life.

3. Hold back urine

The urine contains a certain number of bacteria, and holding urine can cause the urine to stay for a long time in the body, which provides the opportunity to grow and reproduce for bacteria, leading to a large number of bacteria gathering. Drink water, urinate more, and avoid urinating.

4. Excessive cleaning of private parts

Some people pay too much attention to hygiene and frequently clean their private parts. The urinary tract mucosa in the urethra itself is a protective layer that can resist acid and is anti-bacterial. Therefore, once the cleaning is too clean, the urinary tract mucosa will be destroyed, which is more likely to infect urethritis.

How to prevent urethritis?

1. Timely urination. The bacteria are prone to reproduce when the bladder is full of urine. When urinating, the urine can brush off the bacteria in the urethra and vaginal mouth, which has a natural cleaning effect. To ensure the amount of urine, you can drink more water to ensure urinating once every 2-3 hours.

2. Pay attention to hygiene. Urethritis is often due to bacterial infections. The most common is inflammation caused by Escherichia coli infection. If the anus is uncleaned, it will cause Escherichia coli to enter the urethral opening from the anus, causing urethral infections. Therefore, wipe with paper after stool to prevent the vaginal port from the order from going to the back.

3. Healthy sexual habits. Pay attention to sexual hygiene and avoid unclean life partners and sexual life. If a sexual partner suffers from reproductive system diseases, both should go to the hospital for examination. If infected, they need to be treated together and avoid sexual contact before completely healing. They can use barrier tools such as condoms.

4. Supplement vitamin C. Vitamin C can improve urine acidity and make it hard for bacteria to survive. Therefore, drinking plenty of orange juice, lemon tea, kiwi juice, and other vitamin-rich beverages is very beneficial in preventing urethritis.

Therefore, you must develop good living habits and avoid staying late to ensure sufficient sleep. Otherwise, your body's resistance and immunity will decrease, increasing the risk of infection. To ensure a moderate and healthy sex life, you should urinate in time after each sex life, wear loose cotton underwear, keep the outer genitals clean and dry, and reduce the chance of bacterial infection.


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