Why You Will Never Change

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Bad Habits

Why You Will Never Change

This piece is dedicated to individuals who are ready to change but struggle to break out of their habits.

For hundreds of years humans have always had the same primal instincts, albeit hunger, fear, etc. However, we also have a primal instinct which isn’t highly spoken on. This primal instinct is habit.

Now, we all may feel like our habits can be good or bad, and if you have found yourself reading this article, then it’s most likely the bad habits you’re interested in changing. Like a lot of things, it’s much easier said than done; however, if you really take time, and I mean really take time to think, you’ll uncover a lot about yourself that you’ve managed to suppress. This is a primal instinct also—for survival, we need to remember and forget things in order to proceed and progress.

Habits; smoking, poor diet, sitting on your sofa for too long, staying in bed. Maybe if you utilised these habits into good ones, maybe you’ll uncover a lot of hidden potential you possess.

To speak from experience, from 15-16 years young, I was an adamant smoker, until about 23. When I turned 23, I found myself going to the same corner shop, purchasing the same cigarettes, and maintaining an old, bad habit.

When I came home, I really sat and thought about what attracts me to a cigarette and also why I keep purchasing it. To my amazement, I ended up thinking about when I first smoked my first cigarette. Now this might not be relative to a lot of people but for me there was no resistance. I actually picked up a cigarette from my father's pack and left to try it and it wasn’t the first, second, or third that I enjoyed, but rather the feeling of escapement.

I felt that every time I left to go smoke a cigarette, I was entering a non-problematic, carefree place. And I don’t know if the stigma attached to the first one I had had always remained. Maybe I felt like that was my first biggest rebellious act—maybe I felt like I was powerful enough to control my outcomes.

After hours and hours of contemplating all these thoughts, I honestly didn’t have any urge to have a cigarette—that is, until I woke up and the routine of this bad habit came into place. I feel like we all have habits, that we don’t really know where they came from or why, but I feel like we all have to get in touch with ourselves before we aren’t able to even remember why we are doing something.

I will write another article on habits and how we can overcome them, if there is interest in this article.

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