Why You Should Be Grounding.

The Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Grounding.

Why You Should Be Grounding.

Grounding has risen in popularity in the past few years and you may be wondering with it's all about. In short, grounding is when our bare feet come in contact with the Earth's surface.

Grounding has many benefits for both the physical body and the spiritual body.

Physically when you're grounding you are absorbing antioxidant negative ions. These ions can neutralize free radicals in your body thereby reducing chronic or acute inflammation.

Even just 20 minutes a day can inprove sleep, reduce stress, reduce pain, and reduce blood pressure.

When I ground, I find that it impacts me on a more spiritual level.

On a spiritual level grounding is a way to connect your own energy with the energy of the Earth. For example, if you are really jumpy and excited or stressed you may be carrying too much energy in your body. Conversly, if you are sluggish and tired you may not have enough energy in your body.

When you stand barefoot with the Earth you have the opportunity to channel your extra energy into the Earth or take extra energy from the Earth.

If you have been grounding for a while you may not need to stand physically on the Earth. Once you are spiritually strong you could channel that energy from the comfort of your home or even in your car; however, if you are looking for the physical benefits of grounding it is recommended that you stand on the Earth.

You may be wondering if the process of grounding is as simple as just standing on the Earth barefoot for 20 minutes. Physically, yes that is all you have to do but spiritually you may have to put in more work.

If you're just looking to benefit from the antioxidant negative ions all you have to do is stand barefoot on the Earth for as long as you feel comfortable. Some people benefit from 5 minutes of grounding whereas others benefit from hours of grounding. Ultimately, it is up to you.

If you want to benefit spiritually from grounding there are a few steps to follow:

1) Stand on the Earth, or if you are more experienced spiritually, stand or sit where you are comfortable.

2) Close your eyes and take 5 slow and deep breaths.

3) Visualize a light in the centre of your body.

4)Visualize that light going down toward the Earth.

5) Visualize that light coming back from the Earth with the Earth's energy.

6) Use the Earth's energy to replenish yourself if you are low on energy.

7) If you have extra energy visualize it being absorbed back into the Earth.

8) When you are ready take 3 slow and deep breaths and open your eyes.

If you have difficulty grounding down towards the Earth you could always try grounding up towards the sky and get energy from the sun, moon or stars. Just follow the same steps but visualize the light going towards the sky.

I hope that when you are done grounding you find your energy to be more neutral and that you come out in a calm and relaxed state.

The Earth is a great neutralizer and it has a lot of energy available to use. It is always there to help you whenever you need it. Feel free to use if when you need it and don't feel guilty about taking the Earth's energy.

In conclusion, I hope that this information will serve you well on your physical health and spiritual health journey. I hope you discover the benefits of grounding and take this step on a more joyful and healthy life.

Until next time!

Kasondra Haber
Kasondra Haber
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