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Why Is Anti-inflammatory Useless for Chronic Prostatitis?

Why can anti-inflammatory not treat chronic prostatitis?

By Amanda ChouPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Why Is Anti-inflammatory Useless for Chronic Prostatitis?
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Surveys show that 90% of men experience chronic prostatitis in their lifetime. Once chronic prostatitis occurs, it is easy to recur and challenging to cure. While most men think of anti-inflammation first when they mention the treatment of prostatitis, some men have no effect after taking anti-inflammation drugs, which makes them puzzled. Not all chronic prostatitis needs anti-inflammatory. 

Why does anti-inflammation not affect chronic prostatitis?

1. The nature of inflammation

Chronic prostatitis refers to the inflammatory infection of the prostate, but there are many causes of inflammation. 90% of them were found to be non-bacterial inflammation, that is, inflammation caused by no bacterial invasion. Some are caused by repeated congestion abnormalities in the prostate, and some are neuroendocrine system disorders. Prostatitis caused by these non-bacterial causes cannot be effective after taking anti-inflammatory drugs, because anti-inflammatory drugs are sterilized and anti-inflammatory, and there is no effect without bacterial drugs.

2. Misuse of anti-inflammatory drugs

The definition of so-called anti-inflammatory drugs is relatively broad. All drugs that can reduce inflammatory reactions are currently called anti-inflammatory drugs. The most common are aspirin and paracetamol, which can relieve pain and fever. The anti-inflammatory drugs for prostatitis are not these, but the antibiotics, we often say, are anti-inflammatory drugs for bacteria. Antibiotics can kill bacteria and control inflammation when bacteria invade and cause suppurative inflammation.

3. Ignore life care

At present, all kinds of inappropriate lifestyles put the body in a sub-healthy state, and make many diseases out of control, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking, etc. If men do not take good care during the treatment and use of anti-inflammatory drugs, such as quitting smoking and alcohol, going to bed early and getting up early, the inflammation will not be improved under the stimulation of various living habits.

How to treat chronic prostatitis?

First, you must check whether it is bacterial or non-bacterial prostatitis and then treat it appropriately according to the specific etiology. Don't blindly take anti-inflammatory drugs. After all, drugs have side effects. Excessive use will not only have no effect but also cause other injuries due to drug side effects. 

You can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to clear away heat and detoxify, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain and symptoms. At the same time, in the treatment process, you should do a good job in life care. Usually, you can try more prostate massages. Generally speaking, do two to three massages a week and last one to two months or more to relieve the symptoms of perineal discomfort and difficult urination for patients with chronic prostatitis.

Avoid sedentary or long-term cycling and horse riding in life, and avoid urinating frequently. At the same time, pay attention to the body's warmth, strengthen physical exercise, and enhance the body's resistance. These can improve your resistance, help control inflammation and stabilize the disease. In addition, a good mentality is essential for the treatment of prostatitis. Patients should pay attention to self-psychological counseling and maintain an optimistic attitude.

Patients with chronic prostatitis can eat more apples. Apples contain a lot of zinc, which can improve the internal environment of the prostate and sperm quality and prevent complications such as impotence and premature ejaculation. In addition, apples can also supplement the human body and enhance the individual's disease resistance.

In general, chronic prostatitis can easily cause great distress to patients, so you should take the correct measures to treat it. In addition, patients with chronic prostatitis can have sex properly to help eliminate inflammation, but you need to control the times and not be excessive.



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