Why I Soul

by Christina Underhill about a year ago in fitness

Yes I am talking about Soulcycle, again.

Why I Soul

Why I Soul...

As an avid Soulcycler, there are things I constantly hear

a) Holy shit that's expensive

b) Is that the nightclub on a bike thing?


"Oh my god, she's talking about Soulcycle again!?" YES I AM.

I figured what better way to start this blog than to write on the topic I talk about the second most frequently. Soulcycle. My love. My life. The only reason you'll ever catch me awake before 8am.

Not all spin classes are created equal and I know this because the thing is, I used to spin years ago before I ever found Soulcycle and I liked it then but obviously didn't have the same hook. I just liked that you could dance on a bike. I liked the rhythm and the choreography. Even though I was about 50 pounds heavier at the time and not at all athletic, I wasn't all that bad at it. My background in dance and music tend to guide me towards activities that include some sort of rhythmic aspect and when I like it, this shit becomes fire in my soul.

Let's fast forward a few years. I had dropped most of the weight, was much more athletic but was going through a crazy, MASSIVE shift in my life. Like TL;DR; horrible shattering heartbreak, car accident recovery, about to move all the way across the country with no safety net. I had to do the Carrie Underwood thing with a "Jesus take the wheel."

Not trying to be super sappy or anything, but after that car accident I did have genuine fear that I wouldn't be able to move the same way or exercise properly again. Pain does crazy shit to your mentality. Like even now, I still have soft tissue damage and its been 2 FREAKING YEARS.

A Soulcycle opened up down the street from me and my logic was, "Well you used to really enjoy spin and you can't come out worse than how you feel going in soooo, let's go!" Listen, in hindsight, this wasn't very sound logic and probably was not the best mentality to work with but it's what I had to work with so it's what was happening.

My first class was with actually with the sister of an acquaintance I had and also the daughter of a previous employer so she was not scary in my mind. Daniela Dib. I will never ever forget you or what your classes did for me. That first class changed my life. I won't be able to tell you what songs played or how well or poorly I rode. What I can tell you is that this class gave me a renewed sense of hope for my future. Regardless of pain, heartbreak, or frustration, I came out of that class knowing I was going to be okay.

This weird little class. This nightclub dance party on a bike. This hour of positive affirmations and pushing to the limit. This thing became my weekly obsession. There was no way I was skipping. I knew that no matter what crap I was dealing with, how many times I cried over a shitty boy, dealing with my apartment flooding, having no permanent home, facing the fact that in a couple months I was leaving to move to a city I had never ever been to with absolutely no plan whatsoever. I knew that no matter what, Soulcycle would be a consistent way for me to feel powerful in the way I chose to talk to myself about it all.

Okay so now that part is out of the way, let's talk the biggest concern I get from people. The "OMG YOU PAY HOW MUCH." Yes. I will not lie to you. It's expensive. If you buy a single class, it's $30. That's before taxes and doesn't include shoes. After shoes and taxes, it gets to be about $36. It becomes cheaper per class if you buy packages. It's expensive if you only look at it as a spin class and nothing more. In swoops the reason it's called SOULcycle. It is SO. MUCH. MORE. than how much you sweat. It's really about how you talk to yourself and how kind you are when you do. Imagine having someone pumping you up to the point where you have no choice but to be nice to yourself. It's basically a personal development seminar on steroids with pumping music, sweaty bodies and, at times, flashing lights. And when I think about it that way, holy crap you mean I can do all that for under $40?

I know not everyone is going to get it. I know that there are a lot of people out there that are going to still view it as nothing more than a spin class and that's okay. To me it's something special. It's an hour where I get to give and receive love and TBH, I think we could all use a little more of that in our lives.

Christina Underhill

Sketch comedy writer - Actor - Dancer - Soulcycler

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Christina Underhill
Christina Underhill
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