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Whoooo Are You?

How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail?

By Gracelynn Published about a year ago 4 min read

”Someone’s a greedy thief and a liar!” I practically yelled this matter-of- factly as I laid out the tarot cards in front of me on the bed. I swear this woman, my brother in law’s ex, looked like she was about to burst from holding in her truth. I felt like something was off as soon as I walked in the door. We were supposed to go to a concert tonight and Johnny never gets sick. Marissa was quiet, more quiet than usual. I took note of all of this but didn’t mention a thing. As soon as I seen Johnny laid up in his bed, I went right to him and started healing. I was confused because the illness should have been leaving from places like his sinuses and chest where congestion typically dwells. Most of the healing was being done on his head. The longer I stayed healing certain areas of his head, the sweatier he got. He fell asleep as I moved my hands all over taking out whatever it was that was ailing him. I noticed the look on Marissa’s face whenever she glanced at me while I was working. It was like she was terrified. After finishing up, Johnny woke up feeling better and ready to walk to the store. Something didn’t seem right to me. “Do you think this sickness thing is foul play?” We were walking our usual quick pace and reflecting on the night so far. “I was wondering that too because I NEVER get sick.” Johnny stays strong usually and if he can’t, he calls his cousin and I because we’re healers, medicine women. It works both ways as I stop by whenever I’m in a crisis or need to be protected. I became deep in thought about my recent issue, which is a coven that has been hell bent on messing with my life and my abundance. There is a main male that is obsessed and potentially dangerous and then there’s Adrien.

We met randomly at a bus stop during one of my crazy crisis moments and I needed help. It was 4 AM and I was stranded. I had nothing but drugs on me and it was an insane amount. I felt like a sitting duck. I had to get to Johnny’s and fast. He would know exactly what to do and how to help me. Adrien came around the corner quiet, standoffish, with a familiar look in his eyes. I knew that look, it was intimidation and not in the way others found me. He was intimidated to approach or conversate with me, so I took the lead in the conversation. My phone was dead and my only currency was drugs. He helped me with a charger, even had a ride for me. I was hesitant yet desperate, I didn’t feel anything bad in my gut so I went with it. He drove me to Johnny’s but he wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet. “Do you wanna go hang out at the park?” I said that was fine since it was super early in the morning, maybe Johnny was asleep still. We sat in Adrien’s truck passing a bag back and forth. He was so quiet but I could feel his nervous tension. “Let’s get out, it’s too hot to be chillin’ with no AC!” I jumped out and we started walking. “Why won’t he speak??” I wondered to myself as I tried topic after topic to break the ice. He was suspicious of my questions like I had ulterior motives and was retrieving information. I was not used to this type of nervousness and didn’t understand why he was so guarded. I just wanted to get to know him. We hung out at the park but there came to be more and more people showing up and making our high uncomfortable. It was time to go see Johnny. When we got to the apartment complex, I could feel we weren’t ready to say goodbye yet. I offered an invitation inside as long as Johnny was ok with it and this was what made him miss work that day. We hung out, had drinks, and Adrien got way too high. It was actually a good time. After he left, I stayed at Johnny’s for about 2 and a half days. During those times, Adrien came by often and we went on walks and spent time together but quiet time. He was still not speaking much and I was intrigued by his mysterious nature. He quietly mentioned that he was schizophrenic bipolar. I had no room for judgement being bi polar myself, along with anxiety and random bouts of depression, he couldn’t be talking with someone more understanding. The morning of the day I was to leave Johnny’s, we hung out again. This time Adrien quietly offered we go back to his place. I was hesitant about this. Well, I could give him a chance and see where this goes. So I agreed and we got into his truck and started down the street to his place. “You shouldn’t have gotten in the truck..” Adrien said softly. I turned my head quickly towards him. “What?? What did you just say?!”

“Never trust anyone.”


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High Priestess. Alchemist. Catalyst. I almost wish I chose these titles and decided that this was the life I’m going to carry out. I suppose in a way, I did. My creative, rebellious spiritual journey is either taken as inspiring or daunting

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