What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Today's actions are tomorrow reactions!

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Yesterday's words were unkind, hurtful and terrifying which makes today look scary. It may seem as if the world is against you in many ways and that it is about to collapse at your feet, the world is a bitter place to live in when its negativity comes crashing down, causing nothing but pain to spread within you. Unfortunately we do not pick who gets what, or who deserves more, or even who will wake up the next morning with a simple smile on their face. This world is made of a million different concepts that are planned out ahead of us without us really knowing what tomorrow will bring, however what we do know and must accept is that the true challenge is who will be able to confront whatever it is that may come their way and not only win the battle but also win the war!

Loved ones will come and go, they will love and care, they will do anything to protect you, they will even give up their own lives just to make sure that you are safe and most importantly happy. At times you may just want everyone to disappear, to leave you alone, to let you have your peace and quiet. But that never happens, it's always at that crucial time where silence is required that it never comes. But don't take it to heart, don't allow it to make you lose control. Take a deep breathe, understand that they are only trying to help in whatever way they see fit.

Remember those that were and are true to you. Those that stood by your side through thick and thin. Those that no matter what time it were would always be available. Those that at times would seem like an inconvenience to have around. Those yes, are the truest of loved ones. Just remember that no matter what you have going on everyone is with you, through the good and the bad. Always and Forever.

We may, at times, question; "God, why me?", and the answer to that I have learnt is;

"That stone was thrown at you and along your path because God knew you could and are strong enough to overcome it now and always!" -Paulo Coelho

Tomorrow will be a better day, and if it's not then then the day after tomorrow, or the day after that. Just believe, believe because it will come one day. That peace of mind you have longed for for so long will come.

I loved you yesterday.

I love you today.

I will love you always!

“She made broken look beautifuland strong look invincible.She walked with the Universeon her shoulders and made itlook like a pair of wings.” -Ariana Dancu
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