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What to Do if You Have Flat Feet?

by Jennifer La about a year ago in advice

Flat Feet

What to Do if You Have Flat Feet?

I want to talk about flat feet. There are many types of flat feet conditions. I am not sure how many there are; only a doctor can answer that. The kind I have is flexible flat feet. Sometimes, I am embarrassed talking about my condition. Do you know who has flat feet? Raise your hand if it's you, reading this article on Vocal. If a family member or friend who is struggling send them my way.

There is a Facebook flat feet support group that I am on. We support each other, ask questions, and answer each other's questions.

I would like to collect stories about how you or a friend started having this condition. Plus, I want to help out to donate some money to others who are going in for surgery or getting their first pair of orthotics.

These are tips I want to share with you:

1) Go to a podiatry specialist (a foot doctor). Do your research to find the best doctor for you.

  • Sometimes you might have to get a second or third opinion from another doctor.
  • When meeting up with your very first podiatrist, they will do foot measurements to make first pair of custom made orthotics.
  • The prices may vary from around $400 to around $800 for one pair of orthotics. You can make monthly payments with your doctor. Some might not like their first pair of orthotics. I had a hard time wearing my custom-made orthotics, so I found better ones for my feet. The brand I get are Dr. Scholls CF 210 Green.

2) Stop wearing flip flops and shoes that make your feet hurt. You might have to say goodbye to a pair of good high heels.

  • Go find a good pair of shoes. I have a good pair of Nike's that I can put my insoles in. Some examples are Brooks, New Balance, and Nike. At the moment I wear Nikes, and my insoles stays in.
  • What type of sandals should you get for your feet? Some examples are Chacos, Nikes, Birkenstocks, etc. I cannot remember every shoe brand off the top of my head. The type I wear is a sandal is a Walmart brand with memory foam. I also still have my Nike flip flops with memory foam. There is a chunk of memory foam came off during my vacation in Oregon, 2017 trip. I'm still wearing them.

3) Last but not least, make sure you take care of your feet.

  • Massage your feet and ice them in cold water. Some prefer this method; personally, I will try it on my own time. For me, I use a Chinese ointment to fight pain with the heat, and I massage them. Others use Bengay cream on their feet. Usually, I wear thermal socks in the winter to keep my feet warm.
  • What type of medicine do you use? A lot of people prefer pain killers which are prescribed by their doctors. I prefer drinking natural medicines such as Ginko Biloba, Artho-7, and tumeric.
  • Make sure you do feet exercises. I'm sure there are some feet exercises for flat feet on YouTube. As for me, there is a dancer on the Facebook support group I follow. She shares her videos in the group. I watch them. I love to go dancing with my friends.

If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected] If you want to come join the Facebook Flat Feet Support Group I am on, you can email me I will send the link to you. You must answer questions from Cheryl Pitrone Macari. She wants everyone to be safe in the group.

Jennifer La

You can read my blog. I am never done writing about my flexible flat feet story.

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Jennifer La
Jennifer La
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Jennifer La

Everyone calls me Jen. I am from Utah. It's been about 2 1/2 years I've been writing about my flexible flat feet experience. I have this condition for 19 years. Also, I will be blogging about other thing's besides my flexible flat feet.

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