What to Do About Stress and Vision?

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What to Do About Stress and Vision?

Stress is a part of our daily lives. Depression is good if it inspires us and bad if it tries to destroy us. Stress can work for you and can work against you. Depression is an unexpected event that causes you to feel threatened and lose balance. Stress is a form of real or imagined danger and your body responds quickly with a “fight or flight” response.

Short-term stress can be good for you, making you more challenged and able to do your best. Prolonged pressure on the other hand can be dangerous. Symptoms of chronic stress can be all types of pain, sleep problems, depression, obesity, anxiety, digestive problems and even vision problems such as headaches, blurred vision blurred vision and double vision.

Sometimes the causes of stress can be controlled and sometimes they cannot be controlled. Sometimes stress comes from outside, such as a major change in life, work, relationship problems, financial problems, family. Stress can be self-inflicted, such as despair, negative speech, unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, and an inability to accept insecurities.

You have to learn to deal with stress if you want to stay healthy and you want to have a healthy outlook. Learn to deal with stress by changing stressful situations or your response to stress. A strong network of support from family and friends can also protect you from stress and stress. Learn to relax, body, mind, and eyes. Pay attention to your emotional health as well. Eat nutritious food.

If you think your eye problems are related to depression sooner or later you will find that you also have other symptoms related to depression. As you can see stress is complex and it will take time until you learn to protect yourself from stress.

Many leaders have good visions and dreams for themselves and their organizations but soon realize that they are not moving forward. People do not buy their vision and eventually give up and their visions and dreams die out! Why?

The reason is that they have no plan to keep their vision alive. Develop a strategy for expressing your vision, communicating it with others, monitoring progress towards realizing vision and purchasing power, and finding ways to empower, inspire and motivate people many buy vision and help you and the organization fulfill the vision needed.

Vision Alive is a tool that can help you keep your vision alive. Vision Alive has four components: visual acuity, visual acuity, visual meter and visual enhancement.

Vision display

The view image shows your view in the post. It's like painting your vision for others to see. The visual representation is different from the presentation of words. When you show people a clear picture of where you want to take them instead of just talking about it, the consequences will be huge and many problems get there. On the other hand, when people do not stop seeing something with their physical eyes they are well connected and the image is carved in their unconscious mind to reach it.

To edit a visual image you can do the following:

• Write your powerful vision statement

• Identify key words / phrases in your vision statement

• Contemplate this notion as you interact with your peers

• Visualize key words and phrases and link them to your visual image

• Remember these mental pictures, draw / paint what you remember (you can write some notes for your mental pictures)

• Have a creative artist (or graphic designer) beautifully paint your artwork and include details of what you have written about your mental pictures in the picture

• Review the design of your vision post and make sure it reflects your vision in a clear, powerful and convincing way (don't forget that your vision statement is also included in your post view)

• Examine, if necessary, and share your vision with other visionary leaders in your organization for their views.

• Complete your visual image

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