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Social Media Takeovers

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

Social media rules the world and has always been the number one influencer since its ravishing start. Despite-what is considered- their somewhat “fake news,” or the gregarious, invasive, at times evasive or even horrendous details of information (depending upon the platform), the world still trusts them to deliver expeditiously and candidly. Social media is known for the most interesting details of current events, releases, and technologies.

Within in the last decade, more and more consumers are choosing to purchase online. Despite the missing pieces, late arrivals, “no shows,” destroyed packages, wrong items, or theft, people would rather trade out the possibility of long lines, crowds, arguments, or time limitations for the newest popular transition of service.

Most consumers love to get the latest trendy developments. Emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media platforms are bombarded everyday with limitless notifications. The most common trendy developments right now are in music, fashion, a variety of web-channeled television shows, online movies, games, books, cosmetics, lingerie, accessories, reality shows, etc.

Who doesn’t love the easy look through online catalog, separating fashionable items with just a click of a button, and the screen loaded with whatever your selected choice is? Books are readily accessible to purchase by just typing the name, or from noticing the new releases from your favorite authors, or number one hit sellers on the telling websites. The ads appearing in between favorite television shows, or movies, of others, or the purchasing of mind/entertaining games will later occupy at least a fourth of a day’s time. Plus, there’s always plenty of room for the insatiable sound of feel-good music. As for my poison, I love to shop for clothes, games, books, reality shows, movies, and music.

Some things I’m looking into that are splurge-worthy consists of skin and hair care, herbal health amenities/nutrients, and purposeful living business courses/propositions. Here’s why.

While the last couple of paragraphs describe desirable and sought out mental satisfactions, there are still a variety of essential necessities (for various reasons) being advertised regarding physical and mental health, hygiene, and financial stability.

In twenty years almost every network, job/career, may be based online. Currently, there are so many online business courses to take that educate on how to be a part of this inevitable profitable realization. It seemingly covers every field, and fortunately paired with a tremendous spike in a growing number of opportunities. I would even say between the ages of 18-45, at least 40% of this population has an online “side-hustle.” This is the way to go for self-employed business minded, creative individuals.

The next big break are health-conscious groups advertising organic foods, nutritional programs and/exercise. Instead of shopping for food, there are online companies offering to prepare and drop groceries to your front door. Others deliver meal prepped foods or promote rare fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, vitamins, etc. This wonderful discovery, now incorporated in online purchased workout videos are a manual of questions, fit to sculp out the perfect workout and meal plan for your specific body goal and type. Exercises or fitness activities vary from yoga, pilate, zumba, or the regular workout classes. Mindfulness exercises include meditation. So, whether you’re a plus sized person struggling to get down to a healthy weight, or the skinny fat stomach person desiring to lose unhealthy fatty issues/irritable bowel symptoms, the workouts and meal plans are designed to help you shed unnecessary irrefutable unattractiveness and normalize stomach issues. It is essential to feel good. So why not look good, while feeling good too.

Jada Pinkett Smith along with daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris go hand in hand with this motto. These three, look good, and host a Facebook talk show called “Real Table Talk.” This show discusses real life issues in relationships as an apparent goal to aid in therapeutic, but also, tough conversations, to bring together division in families, or the dynamics of worldly life. It’s a lot less time and effort then the Own Network, Iyanla Fix My Life Show, based more on repairing families by discovering your peace from within. Jada and family may have tough conversations, but Iyanla deals with a group of hardened personalities, family drama, years of hurt and self-destructive pain. Watching these shows, may have you smile, shake your head, cry even, but by the end of the show, feel ironically a sense of freedom or relief.

Lastly, skin and hair care are becoming propaganda for all communities and walks of life. For many decades beauty supply owners were not a representation of the communities they serviced. These owners were also not educated in these areas as well, and safe to say selling products in high demand, but not necessarily health conscious. Nowadays, there is a noticeable upsurge in the consensus educating themselves on products, and safer ones to use. Cosmetology schools, as well as online self-employed business marketers are now more than ever representations of the people, services and products provided to. In return, the well-deserving plummet has taken place in the physical beauty supply stores, who have profited millions throughout the years. I state this to shed light on the lack of competition there was in this market and to give encouragement to the fresh new start of self-employed businesses.

Instagram and Facebook members apparently are starting their own small businesses mixing natural butters into recipes in their home kitchen, while marketing and profiting online. I have supported a few friends in this business. I love natural and organic products and more people are leaning towards this idea too. Just to mention a few well-known celebrities, hot and pop music stars succeeding in skin care businesses are Rihanna with FENTY, Alicia Keys with Keys Soulcare, Jennifer Lopez with JLo Beauty, and Kylie Jenner with KYLIESKIN.

So, in essence, splurge on the variety of online mindfulness, fit, nutritional, natural, and holistic routines that keep you profitable, looking stunning and feeling vibrant.


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