What It's Really Like to Do Naked Yoga?

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Is Naked yoga doing is good or bad for health?

By New York Magazine

Hello, Yoga lovers how are you? Hope you are doing well.

Naked yoga have been draw attention of millions nowadays, so today we are head towards what does naked yoga means, is it benefits us or not and many more.

A quick question for you! Have you listened about naked yoga before if Yes then what's your perspective on that?

What Exactly Naked Yoga Means?

Naked yoga is a type of yoga where it is done without wearing clothing and is very famous among women's. It is done to remove barriers of body, many people shy to be naked. It does not promote sexuality if done in right manner it would be very beneficial.

Let's dive into its depth.

So naked yoga is a new thing, right?

Well, no.

While it might seem like a crazy idea that modern marketers would come up with, the roots of doing yoga naked actually run deep.

Naked yoga also called nagana yoga has been around for centuries. In the birth country of yoga India, the practice bare-naked can be traced back to religious ascetics and monks sadhu. Stripping down for a sadhu is symbolic and signifies them renouncing all material possessions. For sadhu, the ability to break free from everything earthy and physical is one of the steps to achieve spiritual enlightenment and liberation moksha.

Science behind doing yoga naked?

Our body is nothing but a piece of earth so when we get directly connected to earth without any cloth and do yoga it is very beneficial for us.

Practicing nude Yoga as a part of the spiritual practice of meditation and Yoga is a personal choice, remain to center around the cultural barriers. Which one is better? It is complicated. Isn't it? Very Confusing.

In the USA, you can find many Naked Yoga classes, and there are no shortages of participants and applicants.

The argument is that practicing naked yoga can help in many ways and even saves money not buying expensive brand name yoga pants.

It also argued that the nude practice improves body image, overcome insecurities, removes the photoshop mentality, helping you to disassociate nudity and sex, get comfy with real people, stuff like that. Some even intend to practice the recommended ancient Yoga techniques.

Why do yoga naked?( Benefits)

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism
  • Weight reduction
  • Cardio and circulatory health
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Protection from injury

Is the class sexual?

No. The aim of the naked yoga is for you to stop associating nudity with sex. Many schools have a strict policy and set of rules that apply to the instructors and attending yogis. Any physical contact is consensual. You have a choice to opt-out from being physically adjusted during the session. Some studios forbid unsolicited verbal compliments and comments about the participants' appearance as well as intense staring or the attempts to pick up a date during the session.

Is doing Naked Yoga Legit?

If by “naked yoga” you mean people sincerely practicing yoga without clothing, of course it is legit. This is actually a respected ancient tradition, the “Gymnosophists” a.k.a. “naked philosophers,” and to this day it is practiced by the “naga sadhus” or “naked saints” in India. Clothing is not required for yoga. Indeed, it is very nice to practice outside and feel the sun, breeze, and rain on naked skin. It is quite blissful and liberating.

Some friends and families enjoy practicing together in the buff, and many nudist communities offer yoga to their members.

But if by “naked yoga” you mean the commercial product, studios charging lots of money to give random strangers the opportunity of being naked together, I would be cautious. It is possible that not everybody is really there for yoga.

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