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What Is Your Opinion On Meditation

by Mindy Lawson about a month ago in meditation

Research By: Mindy Lawson

A video on how to do a Mindfulness Meditation

People Practicing Meditation

A toss up between the 2, Do you Enjoy Meditation or Do you not Enjoy It?

Written By: Mindy Lawson

For me I love doing Meditations, there are several different kinds that you can practice. The top 7 I have gathered information on for you. I like to practice 4 out of those 7. Now I have always heard that people do and don’t enjoy it so I thought I would go and ask the first 20 people to see what the results would be. I went out into my community on 09/09/2021 and this was the results: 11 said YES and 9 said NO. Here is also a picture of my chart for you to review;

Scale on how many people like meditation

I always like to do my main meditation before I go to lay it down for the night, it helps to relax my mind and body before I go to sleep. See I have what they call PTSD, Depression and Anxiety real bad so after a hard day at work or just a stressful day I do one of my Meditations and then I have no problem going to sleep. The Main 7 Meditations that are practiced now days are Mindfulness, Transcendental, Guided, Vipassana, Loving Kindness, Chakra and Yoga. The main reason for these meditations is the practice of thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind for a period of time. Some of these can be done in Silence or with the help of Chanting and they are done for a number of reasons like religious or spiritual, For evoking relaxation to your body and mind, A way to manage stress in your life it can also help manage things like chronic illnesses. That includes depression, heart disease and chronic pain. Here are the differences of the main 7 meditations:

* Mindfulness- Being present with your thoughts, Your observing your thoughts, and emotions but you let them pass through without judgement.

* Transcendental- A simple technique in which a personally assigned mantra, such as word, sound or small phrase is repeated in a specific way. You do that for about 20 minutes twice a day.

* Guided- A method in which you form mental pictures or situations that you find relaxing and happy.

* Vipassana- A method ancient Indians used, means to see things as they really are. Self-transformation through self-observation.

* Loving Kindness- It’s a Metta Meditation, the practice of directing well wishes towards others. You would recite nice warm hearted feelings towards a nother person.

* Chakra- A ancient Sanskirt word that translates to wheel. They refer to the centers of Energy and Spiritual power in the body, there are 7 chakras in one person and each one has it’s own unique color.

* Yoga- You have a wide variety of this one but they all involve performing a series of postures and controlled breathing exercises meant to promote flexibility and calming the mind.

When I do my daily meditations it is normally a mixture between Mindfulness and Guided, I like to combine the 2 and sometimes I will throw in Chakra to mix it up a little. I am going to share one that I do a lot with you now, so if you would please follow these easy steps with me, don’t forget you are more and welcome to use this anytime that you would like in the future.

Please go ahead and sit cross legged on the floor or you can sit straight up in a chair either way is fine, it’s what ever makes you comfortable, now relax your hands on your thighs palms facing upward, relax your shoulders and straighten your back with your chin slightly tilted towards the sky, go ahead and close your eyes if you like it works best this way. Take in a deep breath, breathing in through your nose and hold that breath as you count to 3 or even 6, like I said it’s what you are comfortable with first, Then exhale that breath out your mouth making a little sigh as you do it, (that helps more with releasing any tension, aggravation, etc..) as you repeat that breathing technique allow yourself to release all the negativity or bad energy in your body, as you breath back in imagine you breathing in nothing but positive thoughts and vibes, Go ahead and do that for 4 or 5 more times or until you feel you are in a good headspace or mind frame to continue on, Then continue your breathing regularly and remember in through the nose and out through the mouth, I always like to do the breathing technique for about 3 or 5 minutes to get started, then I want you to say to yourself in your head, (nothing but positive thoughts aloud in here), (Stay calm and relax), or anything else that you think would help you to change your thinking or mood but make sure it is only positive things, You will repeat that to yourself for 3 to 5 minutes, After those 5 minutes has passed I want you to take one good deep breath in through your nose and this time don’t hold it let it out with a big “SIGH”, Then picture yourself in a room full of colorful balloons or squishy balls, And say to yourself (not out loud, unless that is more helpful) I am very calm/relaxed, I have control now of my thoughts and actions, I want you to repeat that 3 times, Then take another deep breath in as deep as you can and let it out as long as you did breathing it in, (it’s best to count when you breath that way you are on cue with the amount you inhale and exhale), as you are letting that last breath out slowly open your eyes and look around the room, then stretch real big before standing up (don’t want you to be light headed or dizzy)!!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen you have just completed your first meditation, So again my question to you all is What is your opinion on Meditation, Did you enjoy it or Did you not like it?


Mindy Lawson

I am an outgoing outspoken adventurous person who loves her kids.

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Mindy Lawson
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