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What is Witch Craft?

by The Empire Heyoka 4 months ago in spirituality
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There is a wide range of Witches and Witches paths one can venture down. It is all about what feels suitable to the individual by following your intuition.

So when we begin to venture into a Witchy path, spells seem to come with the territory! To cast a spell means to effect some change, accomplish a magical intent, influence a particular event/situation, and, most importantly, heal. Of course, the name for this is "Witch Craft," considering when putting together a spell; it's called "Crafting." When you use it, it's called "Casting" the Spell.

Witch Craft History

Witch Craft can be dated back centuries; however, the stories aren't always positive. The word "Witchcraft" was derived from the Old English Wiccecraeft. The term 'Wicca' the masculine or 'Wicce' is the feminine which means 'the wise one.' Witchcraft has been seen in different ways over the years, from a magical phenomenon, sorcery, pagan worship or religion, and more. However, it has been taboo to discuss because it was pretty dangerous to claim to be one.

The church began to speak about witches and witchcraft during the medieval period. Horrible and horrific punishments were developed, adding fear to those who practiced the craft.

After the medieval era, next came the 17th-century witches. This was when the famous Salem Witch Trials took place in the United States. Thankful we have moved past these times, but that does not stop the energetic karma clearing us modern witches are doing.

What Does It Truly Mean to Be a Witch?

Not all witchcraft is associated with the Dark Arts. Dark magic is only one form, but it does not define a Witch as there are different Witches.

Witches respect others and the natural laws around them. They are aware of how they work to help benefit us and others, allowing us to manifest what we wish to happen with ease!

Types of Witches

Eclectic Witch

Eclectic witches do not follow any particular practice or religion. This is the most freeing form of witches. They observe and tune in to their intuition (Higher Self) and allow the divine to lead. Many engage in practices that work for them alone. They might have certain rites or ceremonies, but many are of their creation and used for their purposes.

Ceremonial Witch

These witches hold ceremonies and rituals as the basis of their craft. They are likely to get their practices from a book or Grimoire or Book of Shadows handy. These witches also call upon different spiritual entities, gods and goddesses, representing the energy they wish to manifest.

Augury Witch

'Augurs' in Roman stands for someone whose task is to determine whether the gods approve of a particular course of action an individual is taking. These witches can find this by interpreting sacred synchronicities and signs encountered on their spiritual journeys. An Augury Witch can check if an individual is on the right path. They also can be an interpreter between the cosmos and a person on a spiritual mission.

Green Witch

The Green Witch works and communicates with the energies of Mother Earth. Therefore, they will most often use natural items and locations when performing their craft. This allows them to be closer to the Divine spirit of mother nature.


Shamans are known to reach altered states of consciousness by engaging in certain shamanic practices. For example, when a Shaman enters a trance-like state, they can access the spiritual realm, akashic records, timelines, and dimensions. Often, they can communicate with spirits, often channeling their messages and performing healing and forms of divination.

Kitchen Witch

A Kitchen Witch uses practical tools to engage in rituals, ceremonies, and modern magick. They enjoy making their home and surroundings their sacred place to cook potions and brew magick. The Kitchen Witch makes the practical and everyday mundane tasks sacred by adding magick to them. These practices are similar to methods of being mindful in the moment.

There is a wide range of Witches and Witches paths one can venture down. It is all about what feels suitable to the individual by following your intuition. To find your path, look up different types of witches and see what resonates. Don't be afraid to find the witch in you. We all have one buried deep inside. Most likely, you have already been performing craft; this will just help you perfect it.


About the author

The Empire Heyoka

Jennifer is the owner of RISE Innerversity, an educational platform helping others step into their leadership role, and New Earth Excursion, a conscious-based Travel Agency assisting others in navigating New Earth.

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