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What Is The Whole Process Of Manufacturing Vitamins Supplements?

The process of vitamin supplements is very intricate; we have explained it in an easy manner. Read further to get a detailed view!

By icelandirectPublished 11 months ago 4 min read
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Vitamins are indeed some of the most important nutrients for maintaining healthy minds and bodies. Some vitamins help the body fight infections and viruses, while others promote healing, vitality, and overall health.

Best vitamin supplements can be acquired from plant or animal sources, or they can be developed in a lab using chemical reactions. Vitamin C can also be obtained from citrus fruits or rose hips, or it can be synthesized from keto acid.

The liquid vitamin supplements industry is constantly growing as a result of its importance, with more and more brands launching each year to provide the best quality supplements.

Because the raw materials are more easily accessible than natural counterparts, commercially available vitamin supplements are easy to synthesize and create through artificial means. It's worth noting that the purified vitamins made from plant or animal sources and those made synthetically have no chemical differences.

Vitamins can be obtained from foods or synthesized in a laboratory. Synthetic vitamins, which are cheaper and easier to utilize than natural foods, are used in the majority of vitamin supplements. The chemical structure of the synthetic form and the naturally produced forms are identical.

Process of vitamin supplements manufacturing

The process of manufacturing vitamins is the same irrespective of what form of vitamin you want to make or if you are using chemical or natural raw materials.

Here is the vitamin production process that is broken down into seven steps;


You can determine the most appropriate doses of raw material ingredients based on your response and deliver an evidence-based supplement with suitable structural and efficient claims.

However, a well-formulated vitamin supplement does not assure initial sales, it does increase the probability of repeat sales once customers have tried it for the first time.

Collection of Raw Materials

The second step is to find vendors who sell the better quality raw materials and other ingredients. These other ingredients include essential compounds that will perform various roles, such as binders, fillers, flow agents, and so on, and will differ based on whether your final product is a powder, capsule, or tablet.

To ensure product efficacy, a well-formulated liquid vitamin supplement manufacturer must use evidence-based ingredients. Ingredients can be chosen worldwide based on quality and forms that give high potency and bio-availability.

Pre-blending & Wet Granulation

The raw materials must then be pre-blended. Raw materials are typically delivered in the type of fine powder and may not require any preliminary processing. Some vitamins are pre-blended with a filler ingredient, such as microcrystalline cellulose or maltodextrin, to create a more uniform granule that facilitates the subsequent processing steps. When dealing with new ingredients, laboratory technicians may conduct test batches to ascertain whether pre-blending is required.

The particle size of vitamin tablets is important in defining how well your formula will run through a granulating machine. There is no necessity for a wet granulation step if the raw vitamins come from the distributor milled to the appropriate size for tableting.

Weighing & Mixing

When the vitamin ingredients are complete, they are weighed on a scale. The necessary weights of each ingredient are listed on a formula batch record. After measuring, the ingredients are combined in a mixer for 15-30 minutes. After that, samples have been taken from various sides of the mixer and analyzed to ensure that all ingredients are distributed and proportioned evenly.


When the batch inside the mixer has been approved, it is transferred to an encapsulating machine and placed in a hopper. To ensure that the capsules are constant and have the correct weight, a test batch is run through an encapsulating machine.

The finished vitamin mixture is then compressed into tablets. Depending on the requirements of the brand owner, a coating may be added, or it may be encapsulated within preformed gelatin. The vitamin capsules are inspected visually for dimpling or dividing. If the test returns no errors, the entire batch is run through the process.

Tableting & Coating

The outer edges of spinning tables are fitted with holes to grab dies in the preferred tablet shape (animal, round, oval, etc). The dies can be swapped out. As a result, as long as the adequate dies are placed, you can choose the shape. The vitamin powder from the filling station is poured into the die. The filled die will transform into a punch press once the table has rotated.

The solid tablets are removed from the tablet compression area and positioned in a coating pan, which is a large rotating pan bounded by 1-6 spray guns and powered by pumps. As the tablets rotate in the pan, these pumps spray coating on them.

Packaging & Labeling

Coated vitamin tablets are supplied through a row of machines in the packaging department. The machine is programmed to count the number of capsules or tablets needed per bottle. The capsules or tablets are dropped into a bottle, which is then passed to the next machine, where they are sealed, capped, labeled, and shrink-wrapped.

Each bottle is labeled with the contents, suggested usage information, and expiry date. These final bottles are then placed in boxes and prepared for shipment.


Because vitamin manufacturing is so complex, many new business owners prefer to work with a reliable and experienced contract manufacturer. Partnering with a well-established contract manufacturing company is the best choice for bulk production orders.

Icelandirect has been the leading manufacturer of the best vitamin supplements for many years. We provide contract manufacturing, supplying, order fulfillment, warehousing, and many more services. Our fish oil and dietary vitamin supplements are famous worldwide for their supreme quality. For more information contact us now!


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