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What is health preservation? An article tells you the truth about health preservation!

by leoone 2 months ago in spirituality
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Treatment costs money, money is paper! Health care costs money and generates value!

Now people who keep in good health and those who do not keep in good health are 10 years older than others. You are still the same as you were 10 years ago! This is value!

Spend money on health preservation, you get health and happiness!

Spend money to treat diseases, money is gone, happiness is gone, at the same time, you can never live without illness, health and happiness, from health!

Health preservation is life preservation

Wear and tear during the day and repair at night. It is discharged during the day, and it is charged when sleeping at night. Only 50% of the electricity is charged at night, and 100% is released during the day. Where does that 50% come from, you have to borrow it from the five zang organs.

In ancient books, the five zang organs are five collections, which means to hide. What is hidden is the essence of the human body, and essence is the nutrients stored in the body. If we always borrow, we always borrow, and most people will collapse after 15 years of borrowing, so when we are young, we don't feel anything. When we reach the age of 40 or 50, all diseases will come.

So health preservation is life preservation!

Health preservation cannot immediately make you 10 years younger, but after 10 years, everyone around you will be 10 years older, and you will still be what you are today.

Health preservation cannot cure your disease immediately, but after 10 years, the people around you may have left, and you are still what you are today.

Health preservation can't make you rich immediately, but 10 years later, when people around you borrow money everywhere for medical treatment and bankruptcy, you will have no worries about food and clothing and be at ease.

Not alarmism, but reality in reality! Health is the greatest wealth in life!

Health preservation, first and foremost, is to Nourish Qi

The most important thing for human health is the word "Qi and blood". All diseases of our body are caused by problems with Qi and blood.

From fever and cold to tumor and thrombosis, the main causes of these diseases are poor blood and insufficient blood.

The human body is supported by Qi and blood. Qi and blood flow, qi stagnation and blood stasis. With sufficient blood and smooth operation, people will live a long and healthy life, otherwise they will be prone to disease.

As long as Qi and blood are harmonious, the human body will not have problems naturally. So we say that the most important point of health preservation is to Nourish Qi and blood.

If Qi and blood are adjusted, the body will be healthy and diseases will not occur; If Qi and blood are not adjusted, strange diseases will continue and the pain will be unbearable.

All human health problems are caused by poor blood and insufficient blood; The recuperation of all physical problems depends on unblocking and supplementing qi and blood.

As long as we let the blood flow smoothly, we can avoid all diseases; As long as we replenish qi and blood, the self-healing ability of the human body will automatically turn on and play a role.

Qi and blood are the acquired foundation of human beings. The internal organs, bones, meridians, and even hair and skin of the human body must rely on the nourishment of Qi and blood. Without Qi and blood, there is no life.

Pay attention to the smoothness of meridians in health preservation

So, what should we do to make the blood run smoothly without reversal? This is from the meridians.

We know that the channel of Qi and blood is the meridians. If Qi and blood do not run smoothly, they will be blocked there. At this time, the most important thing is to open up the blocked meridians. Therefore, one of the most emphasized words in traditional Chinese medicine is "dredging the meridians".

The meridians are like an Internet in the human body. The meridians are deep in the human body and control the housekeeping power of all viscera; Collaterals are small branches of meridians, which connect with each other directly to the body surface. Although they can't be seen or touched, they seem like a huge Internet.

Acupoints are stations on the Internet, and Qi and blood are locomotives passing through each station. The "no stop" sign is always hung high. Once it stops, the doctor can only serve as the network administrator.

Health preservation pays attention to the balance of viscera

The internal organs are absolutely the hardware of the human body. The viscera are divided into yin and Yang, and the five viscera belong to Li, so they are yin; The six Fu organs belong to the table, so they are Yang.

The five internal organs refer to the heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidney. The five internal organs have the effect of metabolizing and storing essence and Qi as well as storing God and will. Although their physiological functions are different, the physiological functions of the five zang organs are interdependent and mutually restricted to maintain the coordination and balance of their physiological activities.

The six Fu organs refer to the gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder and triple energizer. Their common function is to receive and decompose water and grains, transmit fine and fine, and excrete dross.

The various physiological functions of the five Zang and six Fu organs are interdependent and mutually restricted to maintain the coordination and balance of human physiological activities. Usually, the body itself can cope fully even if there is a disease.

Of course, not all diseases are cured by the body itself. Some diseases still need to be treated by drugs, surgery, psychology and other means.

In most cases, exogenous etiology and drugs play only one role in the process of disease occurrence and treatment, while on the other hand, it is the human body itself that plays a major role.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "healthy qi exists in the body, and evil cannot be done." If there is enough positive Qi in the body, evil Qi will not destroy the balance of yin and Yang in the body.

The viscera have the ability to support each other. If one of them is dysfunctional, the rise and fall of the body's Qi machine will lose balance, and finally the Yin and yang are not adjusted, the Qi and blood are not week, the clear Qi does not rise, the turbid Qi does not fall, and cannot circulate, and the whole body will get sick.

The five Zang and six Fu organs all need the nourishment of Qi and blood and the smoothness of meridians to work normally; Sufficient Qi and blood depend on healthy five internal organs.

Therefore, the essence of health lies in Qi and blood. If you want to be healthy, you must have sufficient Qi and blood, dredge the meridians, and balance the viscera.


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