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What Is Healing Energy Art?


By Rahau MihaiPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

What is healing art, exactly? Since ancient times, therapeutic effects of artistic works have been recognized. Just looking at art makes people feel better. Better changes result from it. How come?

Have a look at this quote:

"Objects provided to patients with variety of shape and brilliance of color are really a way of rehabilitation." Flora Nightingale

According to the first rule of thermodynamics, energy can only be changed into a new form; it cannot be generated or destroyed. There are many different types of matter and energy in the cosmos. In truth, your body retains a significant amount of potential energy, which it may transform into chemical, thermal, or exhaust energy as required to power you through the day and night. About 27% of your energy is used by only your brain.

Futurism.com claims that the whole cosmos is closed. (Author's note: This hypothesis makes the assumption that it is somehow restricted and that no energy can leave or enter the cosmos.) But human bodies—as well as other ecosystems—are open systems, not closed ones. With the environment around us, we trade energy. Energy may be converted, as was said in the paragraph above.

Your body's atoms, which make up a world inside a cosmos, are repurposed after death. Both the energy and the atoms that were created at the Big Bang will always exist. Therefore, till the end of time, your "light," or the essence of your energy (not to be confused with your real awareness), will reverberate across space. Thus, at least a portion of us is eternal in that sense.

To me, watching an engaging artwork involves more than simply taking in a lovely landscape with lovely colors. I think that energy is also transferred. Every day, all day long, we are transferring energy. When we engage with a picture, why should it be any different?

When I work on a new piece of healing energy art, energy is whirling about my workspace, my canvas, the paints I use, and other supplies. I'm sure that part of this energy gets included into the artwork I'm doing. As an energy healer, I also channel extra energy from the ground and the cosmos into it and exchange my own energy with it. The majority of my artistic works are in motion. This is what energy looks like to me. continuous motion My paintings of healing energy radiate energy in every direction. That is why I like making them.

"At their most fundamental level, the creative and healing processes have a same source. A wordless confidence in the same mystery serves as the basis for your work's integrity when you are an artist since you are also a healer. Doctor Rachel Naomi Remen

It differs from painting a well-known topic, like a landscape. Since the energy is continuously flowing long after I've done an energy painting, I can never predict how it will end out. That alone is fantastic and inspiring to me.

In situations of emotional or mental illnesses including anxiety, bipolar and other disorders, depression, stress, and PTSD, art courses are a more frequent type of healing or therapeutic art that is an addition to a doctor's treatment. Here, the patient learns to paint or sketch by themselves or in small groups. The goal is to temporarily distract the patient from their problems while engaging in creative endeavors. The patients' increased time spent making art should help them reclaim their lost confidence and motivation to get well. Mandalas are a common kind of therapeutic art to draw and color.

A person will be encouraged to utilize the painting as a focal point and to engage and exchange energy with it at home (or the office or workplace) when I use healing art to transfer energy into my paintings. This is simply meant to enhance the care, therapy, and guidance provided by their doctor. I do have doctorates, but they are in the academic field. I don't practice medicine since I'm not a doctor. Anyone who is unwell should see their primary care physician or another healthcare provider.

There will always be skeptics because energy is an invisible force, just like the wind and other energy sources like radio, TV, and Internet waves. However, the Washington Post reports that "more than 60 U.S. hospitals have adopted Reiki as part of patient services, according to a UCLA study, and Reiki education is offered at 800 hospitals."

Reiki practitioners do not cure people. We only serve as a conduit, passing universal energy via ourselves to others who need our assistance. Given the vastness of the universe—of which we have only discovered around 5 percent—a tremendous quantity of energy is there and accessible to assist.

According to scientific theory, 68 percent of the cosmos is composed of "dark" or unidentified energy, which would be equivalent to the amount of "positive" energy present and cancel each other out. They may balance each other out, in my opinion, but that requires both of them to be there, doesn't it? Anyhow, it's all just theory. Energy is real. It is impossible to produce or destroy energy. Only changes or transfers may be made to energy.

Energy healing such as Reiki is also efficient. According to the Healing Touch Professional Association, more than 30,000 nurses work in American hospitals each year.

Our gorgeous nature pictures transform the atmosphere by adding color, solace, and hope to the patients, carers, and loved ones. The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals founder Elaine Poggi

In conclusion, integrating the capacity to transmit or channel universal energy or earth energy has shown to be successful as an additional care technique of therapy. One approach to achieve it is to display art in areas where people may benefit from it, such as offices, hospitals, and homes. A logical next step in enhancing the ability of paintings to aid individuals in recovering from trauma or illness is to add energy to them. While it won't automatically heal anything, it could help some individuals feel more confident in themselves or have a lighter load when it comes to aches, pains, or emotional or mental problems.

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