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What Do You Need To Know Right Now: A Tarot Reading๐Ÿ”†๐Ÿงฟ

by D. L Bester about a year ago in spirituality
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What do you need to be more aware of?

What Do You Need To Know Right Now: A Tarot Reading๐Ÿ”†๐Ÿงฟ
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Thank you so much for checking out my readings! I have a podcast by the same name (Candlelit Tarot) where I post twice a week and give my insight to those who need it. You can always contact me for readings, [email protected] I do offer in-depth readings. I appreciate any donations/tips as well $candlelittarot.

This is one of my favorite topics because sometimes, in life we forget to appreciate things/ people. We forget to do a lot of things, especially with so many distractions going on to keep us distracted. These readings are not for everyone, but I appreciate you reading and having an open mind.

Without further or ado...

What do you need to know right now?


This card is all about challenges and perseverance. I feel like this card is here to remind you that you can actually do anything, and I don't want to sound corny because so many of us have heard this our entire lives, but you really can accomplish anything. Try doing something different that you have always wanted to try and watch yourself thrive, especially if you are putting in great effort. You should own the power that you hold, and understand that your opportunities are limitless.


The Five of Coins represents isolation, poverty, loss, etc. I think that sometimes we can get really wrapped in our finances that we can actually manifest ourselves into a rut. The mind is a powerful thing, and if you are constantly thinking about the amount of money you don't have and being negative with similar thought patterns then that outcome will produce itself into your life. If you are feeling lonely, understand that you need to get more comfortable with yourself. You are worthy of anything that you want, but it all starts within you and learning more about who you are. Take each step as a learning lesson.


The Four of Coins is more about control and stability. Are you needing more of that in your life? Are you wanting a more stable lifestyle? If this is true, then try to be more thankful for what you already have, try to open yourself up to more positivity and the things you want will come to you. You have to be willing to almost "fake it till you make it". I say this mainly because, if you are usually negative, it can be really challenging to change that mindset, it can also be very irritating if things do not work as fast as you want them to. Patience is key and learning more control will help create stability.


This card represents action, changes, and movement. It's important to know that you have to make an effort towards the things you desire. You cannot just expect for things to just show up (sometimes they do, but not always). If you are wanting bigger things, such as moving, a new job, a new relationship, etc. You have to make changes for that outcome to happen. Everything has a cause and effect. This could also mean travel, if you are wanting to go to a new place, then you have to make the effort to get there. I believe in you, and I know things can get tough, but you can handle it.


The Ace of Swords is here to remind you that you already hold all the power that you desire. You will soon face a break-through and your eyes will be open to a new view, and new opportunities will approach. This card is all about winning and victories. You may have times where you do not believe that things will get better, but just remember they always do. Think about how things were a few years ago and compare that to how your life is better now. Remember to be gratuitous and to look around you and see how many blessings you have, even when you don't want to, even when you don't want to be positive. Do not let negativity get you so discouraged that you forget how amazing you are!

Sending you all love and positivity๐ŸŒž

*My readings are for entertainment purposes only, you and only you are responsible for the decisions you make.*


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D. L Bester

D. L Bester is a mother, wife, podcaster, tarot reader, and so much more!

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