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What Causes Headaches?

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Causes of Headache

What Causes Headaches?
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Sometimes, headaches can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms such as pulse, pinch, non-stop or temporary pain is different for everyone. Headaches can come about spontaneously or in connection with an activity. The painful part may also involve the face, the head or the whole head.

The type of headache is classified into the first (primary) stage of pain arising directly from structural problems in the head that are sensitive to pain including hormone changes. The secondary stage of pain is caused by other health problems such as bleeding in the head, brain growth and neck injury.

For the first stage headache, it is divided into three types: migraine, tension and clusters. Migraine is a recurrent headache, usually occurring only on one side of the head before inflicting pain on both sides. In fact, migraines also cause symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and sensitivity to sound and light.

Migraines are classified as chronic neurological diseases that can attack with warning signs and symptoms before headaches such as an aura of glare, zigzag lines, shadows and dizziness. However, migraines can also attack without warning and are common in women, especially during menstruation.

Migraine triggers can also be due to certain foods, stress, and lack of sleep, over-sleep and smoking habits. Migraine headaches can last for several hours or days and attack several times. In addition to taking medicines, migraines can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding what is known as a trigger for this headache.

The current situation of migraine in the world is unknown, but according to a study, nearly two million people have the disease. This is an important issue as migraine sufferers need to undergo repeated treatments to prevent it. This is due to the lack of effectiveness or unintended side effects.

Many of us consider headaches as a simple problem and take the easy way out by taking the Paracetamol pills to relieve the discomfort. In fact, some people associate headaches with sleep problems, fatigue or side effects after sunbathing in the heat. True, headaches are the most common discomfort that may occur.

But if they are frequent and persistent, they may indicate that you have 'disruption' to other systems of the body including respiratory problems and sinusitis. In an article by an ENT specialist, symptoms such as severe headache, pain in the forehead and face were more pronounced when subjected to anxiety serious sinus.

When a person has frequent headaches and at the same time has other health problems such as frequent colds, stuffy nose and watery, it shows that the cause of the headache is not a common disorder but rather describes a more serious symptom situation including sinusitis infection.

Many people do not realize that sinusitis can be the cause of their headaches. Therefore, they should see a doctor immediately for a thorough examination, especially in the nose, ears and throat. This includes undergoing scanning tests such as X-rays. Other screening tests are also needed to identify the real cause of the problem.

Sinus problems, if treated poorly, can lead to worse complications, including infections that may spread to other parts of the brain. This can affect other functions including vision, speech and seizures if they are entering a more serious stage.

A few situations or signs of sinus infection that may spread to the brain are dizziness, blurring and visual impairment; hold on the back of the neck, speech disorders, vomiting, decreased awareness level, seizures, and fever. The treatment varies according to the level of sinus infection and there is usually a need for antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.



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