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What are the things that might be killing your sex drive?

Some things that might be killing your sexual drive

By Harbor Compounding pharmacyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

It is essential to keep your sex life healthy and exciting forever, regardless of how old you are. To keep it healthy, you have to know what things can kill your sex drive and how to cope with it. This article informs you about a few things that might be killing your sex drive without your knowledge and ruining female sexual health. To find them out, continue to read below:

1. Increased stress levels

Your stress levels can increase due to lack of sleep, anxiety, or anything that makes you tense. A rise in stress directly affects the production of hormones in your body. The hormone change has not only an impact on female sexual health but also on your sex drive. The source of stress might include your family, work, friends, society, education, etc. The important thing is how to manage these sources of pressure to keep your stress levels controlled.

2. Depression

Depression is one of the most significant factors affecting your sex drive. You will lose interest in sex as soon as you are feeling low. It means that low mood is directly proportional to low sex drive. If you are experiencing this condition, you should immediately seek help from a sex therapist. Moreover, keep in mind that antidepressants can also harm the female sexual health and decrease libido significantly.

3. Excessive consumption of alcohol

Although drinking small amounts of alcohol can increase your sex drive. But if you are drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, you are very likely to experience a halt in your sex drive. Too much alcohol can cause problems in female sexual health, and it may feel difficult to reach orgasm.

4. Excessive intake of caffeine

Keep in mind that excessive caffeine intake regularly can cause the adrenal glands to become over-stimulated. The overstimulation of adrenal glands can cause your sex desire to reduce significantly. But having it in small amounts will not harm female sexual health.

5. Insufficient exercise

You can face low sex desire if your movement and exercising routine are minimal. You may not know this, but it is a fact that rigorous activities and exercise help improve your muscles' strength and flexibility, which is essential for performing well during sexual intercourse. Moreover, exercise increases the blood flow to the genitals making sex comfortable ad enhancing female sexual health.

6. Being overweight

Having excessive weight or being obese has a direct effect on female sexual health. It has a negative impact on your sex drive. It decreases the flow of blood to the genitals by making the blood vessels narrower. Low blood flow ultimately narrows the vagina, reduces its moisture, and causes reduced sex desire. Moreover, being overweight may cause you to feel less confident.

7. Watching too much porn

Watching too much porn and masturbating very often in routine causes your sex drive to decrease. Its justification is that watching explicit or intimate content triggers the brain to release hormones such as dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for your sexual desire or libido.

8. Relationship problems

A good sexual life always depends on the relationship of your partner with you. The connection must be strong and understanding so that you can discuss your problems related to female sexual health with your partner. Therefore, any kind of misunderstandings or conflicts between both of you needs to be solved to have a satisfying sex life. Leaving problems unsolved for long will cause them to collect and create a bigger problem.

9. Busy schedule

Life nowadays is very hectic. The daily grinds leave you tired and exhausted, because of which you do not feel to have sex. Furthermore, it is possible that when you are ready to make love, your partner is not. For having a good sex life, you should take out time out of your busy schedules to spend with your partner. At that time, you must leave all the work aside and focus on building a solid connection. It will work to increase your sex drive as well.

10. Age

Age is not just a number. Instead, it determines your ability and drives to have sex. It not only affects women but men as well. For example, the testosterone levels in men reach the peak in their teens. However, they enjoy sex even after their 60s. On the contrary, the estrogen and progesterone levels in women reach peak later and decline much earlier (as they start to approach menopause) as compared to the men. Hence, your age is a huge factor in your sexual drive.

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