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Weight Loss Week 2

by Maria Shaw 4 months ago in weight loss
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A small cut to calories

Substitute, reduce, or cut out one thing

Week 1 is over and you did it. Yes you may have made mistakes, you may have had a day or two that you messed up and didn’t track or get your water in but for the most part you did what you needed to. Yes you spent a lot of time in the bathroom but again that is you getting rid of the excess weight and washing it away with the extra water you drank. You’ve written things down or taken pictures so you now know what you are putting into your body that might be a problem. This week is about making a cut to your calories and picking something that you can adjust or live without.

Do not pick something out that you know you will eat again or go back to eating the same amount. Maybe this week you can trade something out to cut the calories. The options are endless, especially if you’re overweight by a lot like me. I started off by switching the chips I was eating to eating baked chips. You can also substitute low fat popcorn which I’ve done also. If you choose popcorn, know that this is your best option. You can eat a big serving of low calorie popcorn for half of the serving of the chips you were eating.

If you weren’t eating chips then pick something else to either cut out or cut in half. Look over your food diary or pictures and see. Are you eating too many side dishes? Are you eating too many pieces of bread at a meal? Are you eating extra snacks or snacks in excess? Some of you are shaking your head and saying no. Let’s be honest with ourselves, you are eating something you aren’t supposed to. You didn’t get over weight by eating the right things and the right amounts. Pick something, you’re not confessing it to me or sharing a picture of you with the ready whip can in your mouth. It’s okay to pick something that maybe you don’t even really love but have noticed you eat. Cut it, reduce it by half, or replace it with something lower in calories.

It’s important that you keep up the habits from last week as well as this new one. Keep drinking your water. You may have lost some weight and are able to take your new weight, divide it in half and consume a little bit less water than last week. Again keep in mind that water, real water is important so you can wash out that fat and weight from your body. Keep tracking the food you eat. This week try seeing if you can figure out how much of the foods you're tracking you’re eating. This week you can track even better and reinforce the habits that you started last week.

The most important aspect is how you are talking to yourself. Do not down yourself if you had a rough week last week. If you need to start over on week one, then you need to start over. It’s okay to not do everything correctly, it’s okay to not be perfect, no one is. Remember to talk to yourself like you would give advice to your best friend because we tend to be hardest on ourselves. You got this, and again this is a process for a better lifestyle and a better life long body. Keep it up! I am proud of you for even taking the steps!

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Maria Shaw

I have had a roller coaster of a life and would love to share some of my real life and my imagination with others through stories.

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