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Weekly Reading #37 for 2021 Mirror Dragon Tarot

by Victoria LaPointe about a month ago in spirituality

Reading for 9-13 thru 9-19-21

Thoth Tarot Deck

Mirror Dragon Tarot

Each week when I do these readings I set up my reading space with black fabric (for the photo, mostly but it also allows for and smooth, calm space to focus on the cards) make sure I have undisturbed quiet time; dogs are out, husband is at work/play/store/whatever, phone is off, etc… I begin with a quick grounding meditation and settle into a centered peace to ask for guidance in choosing the cards which will be most appropriate for the week ahead. I shuffle the cards with my intent in mind and spread them in a dealer’s “ribbon spread”. Then with eyes closed, I ask for the Center card, the West card and finally, the East card, reaching out to the spread, touching the cards and choosing the one that feels most fully under my finger tip, then sliding them into their positions. Before opening my eyes I return to a calm, centered state and do my best to sense whether the three cards I’ve chosen are the most fitting for the highest and best for all involved. Only then do I turn them face up and photograph them for the reading. There are times when I see the three cards before me and groan or breathe a sigh of relief but I always use the cards I’ve selected ”blindly”.

That said;

The Center card this week is the Prince of Swords.

This prince has popped up again for the second consecutive week. It seems he wants us to pay particular attention to the energy he represents. As I said last week, I see the princes as the teenage boys of the Tarot. They’re bold, sometimes reckless, determined to challenge the status quo and fearless in their pursuits. They poke at the fabric of reality to see what’s real and what is an illusion. They'll race, head on, towards a wall and will either crash into the wall and stagger back to grab a helmet and shoulder pads or blow right through it as though it never existed at all. That’s the beauty of their disregard for the “laws” of physics or social norms or the expectations of others. They’re daring enough to color outside the lines. As this energy pertains to the interactions we had last week, give some thought to the way your communications and actions affected those around you. Were your words sharp enough to get your point across? Or were they too cutting, causing hurt feelings. Were you able to listen as well as talk? Did your interactions lead to the outcome you wanted? Ponder your success or lack thereof. There are good lessons there about intent and perception.

The West card is The Star.

Because this is a Major Arcana card, it will have a stronger influence than the other two cards. The motto of The Star is as above, so below. As we strive to make our insides match our outsides, to match and meld our dreams and desires to our reality, we continually learn about who we are, how we communicate, what works and what doesn’t. The Star asks us to keep the higher resonance of the Universal One at the forefront of our thoughts while we find the correlating balance within ourselves. If you’ve looked around and found that sharp words have caused pain or distrust, take that in and find the balance of compassion to bring things back to center. On the other hand, if you’ve had success by using a clarifying slice and dice with definitive words about what you need and/or want, embrace that too. Finding the strength to stand up for your needs and desires is greatly empowering.

The East card is the Knight of Cups.

The knights are the masters of their suits, able to carry their wisdom forward and lead others by thought and example. I’m glad to see the mastery of our emotions as the third in this trio. It seems that last week’s communications may have stirred up some muck from the bottom of our stored --or ignored-- fears, needs, angers and disappointments. If we can follow the wisdom of the Knight of Cups and embrace the emotions that have come (or been dredged) up and speak with honesty to ourselves as well as with others, we will no doubt find the peace and balance we seek.

In Conclusion;

This is a week of coming to terms with our needs and the ability to communicate clearly and with compassion what we choose to have in our lives. Even if we need to use the pointy end of the stick to get our point across, if we can keep our hearts open and communicate from a position of love and grace we may find the peace of understanding, both inner and outer.

Have a compassionate week.

Light, Tory

TIP for the week: Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and most fools do. But it takes character and self-[awareness] to be understanding and forgiving.

Dale Carnegie

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Victoria LaPointe

I'm an intuitive Tarot card reader. It's my day job and I love it. My journey began in 1977 when I had my first card reading. I was astounded and inspired so I bought my first deck, began to learn and I'm still astounded and inspired.

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Victoria LaPointe
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