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Weekly Reading #36 for 2021 Mirror Dragon Tarot

by Victoria LaPointe about a month ago in spirituality

Reading for 9-6 thru 9-12-21

Thoth Tarot Deck

Mirror Dragon Tarot

Each week when I do these readings I set up my reading space with black fabric (for the photo, mostly but it also allows for and smooth, calm space to focus on the cards) make sure I have undisturbed quiet time; dogs are out, husband is at work/play/store/whatever, phone is off, etc… I begin with a quick grounding meditation and settle into a centered peace to ask for guidance in choosing the cards which will be most appropriate for the week ahead. I shuffle the cards with my intent in mind and spread them in a dealer’s “ribbon spread”. Then with eyes closed, I ask for the Center card, the West card and finally, the East card, reaching out to the spread, touching the cards and choosing the one that feels most fully under my finger tip, then sliding them into their positions. Before opening my eyes I return to a calm, centered state and do my best to sense whether the three cards I’ve chosen are the most fitting for the highest and best for all involved. Only then do I turn them face up and photograph them for the reading. There are times when I see the three cards before me and groan or breathe a sigh of relief but I always use the cards I’ve selected ”blindly”.

That said;

This week we’re dealing with action. All three cards are court cards which I see as the actions we take after learning the lessons of the ace through ten. In the Thoth Tarot deck the order is Princess, Prince, Queen and Knight and this week we’re working with the youngsters.

The Center card is the Prince of Pentacles.

I see the princes as the adolescent boys of the Tarot. They have limited experience and have a tendency to think they know more than they do. As a result they’re daring. They push against the fabric of reality, try to find the holes and challenge existing paradigms. They’re likely to deny the existence of apparent obstacles and charge off heading right at the challenge like a bull at a flapping cape. At that point one of two things happens. Either they run headlong into the obstacle and stagger back for their helmet and elbow pads or they blow right through as though the obstacle never existed and that is the beauty of their daring. Sometimes, maybe even often, the obstacles we perceive are illusions. The princes are fearless enough to aim beyond them and learn their lessons by challenging the reality of what they see. The prince of pentacles tests the limits of our resources. So the main focus of the week is seeing just how far we can stretch our time, money, energy or strength. Overexertion can be an issue but stretching to your limit shows you where that limit is and may surprise you by being farther than you imagined.

The West card is the Princess of Pentacles.

While the princes are the daredevils, the princesses are the innocents. They’re fresh out of the “school” of the ace through ten and ready to try the skills they’ve accumulated. Their power is in the fact that they have no preconceived ideas and therefore no judgments. They go forward, arms wide and say “show me.” They’re ready to be fascinated and tested. What this tells me about the week ahead is that at the beginning of the week we’re full of positive feelings, new projects and energy. We test the waters of what we’re capable of and begin to amass the things we need to complete our objectives.

The East card is the Prince of Swords.

After the exuberant, powerful and grounded start to the week we begin to see the snags. Details and minutia threaten to tangle us up and tie us down before we really get rolling. The headstrong determination of our pentacles kids want to barrel on through while the intellectual prince of swords wants to take the time to seek out and ponder all the details of the possibilities, options, obstacles and alternatives and his energy is not afraid to toss in a few monkey wrenches just to see what they’ll do. This is where the friction lies. We’re determined to barrel on through without regard to collateral damage and our intellect wants to use this chance to try out all the ideas and potential challenges before making a move.

In conclusion;

We’ve got some real-life plans and projects to work on with the energy, time and skill to get down to it but our minds (or perhaps some engineer or editor or boss) want to spend more time researching potentials and problems before making a move. That’s likely to lead to second guessing, over-correction and stasis while the desire to get going pushes us to just DO it. On one hand, caution may be necessary for safety and on the other too much could impede our plans or even derail them completely. So we walk the fine line between decisive action and cautious planning this week, doing our best to progress with caution while not allowing unfounded fear or anxiety to hold us back. My best recommendation is to try and stretch beyond the familiar without taking things too far past their limits.

Have a wise and decisive week!

Light, Tory

TIP for the week; I have not failed, I’ve just found ten thousand ways that didn’t work. Thomas Alva Edison

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Victoria LaPointe

I'm an intuitive Tarot card reader. It's my day job and I love it. My journey began in 1977 when I had my first card reading. I was astounded and inspired so I bought my first deck, began to learn and I'm still astounded and inspired.

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