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We Have A Busy Mind

by Sound And The Messenger 10 months ago in meditation

And Our Mind Wants To Be Busy

Space by Laura

Go ahead and close your eyes. Yes, close them and take some breathes in and out. When you're breathing in you're energizing the body and when you breathe out you relax the body and with each breath relax more and more. Now as you're taking breathes what happens? For me what happens is it gives me a magnifying glass of all my thoughts. A girl and deep good friend in Australia once was laying on a pool deck some years ago by a pool, looking out at the sea and exclaimed "There's a lot going on in the world, but there's more happening in my mind." I don't think she's alone. We all have this I do believe. That's what happens to me the moment I close my eyes. There's all these thoughts happening in there. Okay now open your eyes and now seek to be focused. Get onto here for instance and try to write some words down. Can you do it? Likely you can't as your mind wants to be busy. It's struggling for satisfaction. It may persist saying "Perhaps if I get on this video channel and listen to someone else's video this will quench my satisfaction." or often it views the first part of focus as.. "step one... open the refrigerator". Yes I've been there too many times. Our mind is busy and also it wants to be busy. We want instant gratification. We want sex now! We want food now! We want money now! We never have enough and if we have enough we're clutching onto it and hoping some wind doesn't come that blows it all away. Meditation as it turns out isn't really about quieting the mind, but more so, seeing the mind and by seeing I mean wondering where thoughts come from.

I'm sitting in a room in India and doing a "OPC Course" and we're doing this meditation and I'm watching all my thoughts come up and then float by like clouds. It's a beautiful process in itself, yet it is still just the tip of the iceberg. The real question is where do these thoughts come from? There was a process that started many years ago when I read a quote from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He exclaims "How can we be in control of our thoughts if we're asleep half of our lives" It only partially hit me then as the journey has continued. Again this teaching hits me as I sit on this cushion in India. Right now my thoughts are about the pain in my knees as I struggle to stay still and again I'm looking into this question that has perplexed me. The pioneers of philosophy have been perplexed as well. The french philosopher Descartes came to the conclusion "I think therefore I am" yet this doesn't really give us a path into the answer of where those pesky thoughts come from!

Sadhguru often whispers in his meditations "I am not the mind.. I am not even the body." In the year 2020 we're on the cusp of something big! Many of us are starting to realize the matrix we've been stuck in. Sri Amma Bhagavan of the Golden Age Movement says something similar to where thoughts are coming from. It's one thing to see this as an intellectual concept and another thing to actually see this in life and put it into practice.

So we've come to the conclusion that we're not our thoughts, but then where are those thoughts coming from? For now I'm seeing them as colored thoughts above my head and over everyone's head. Pick your favorite colors and see them floating there. Another breakthrough that we've come into in the last five years is the idea of vibration. When you're in a high vibration good things happen to you. When I was in Japan six years ago my mom gave me the book "The Secret" To me that was one of its largest teachings. The Golden Age also has had courses that they've taught such as "The Beautiful State Course" that goes into this concept as well. I encourage you to look into these present processes.

So if our thoughts aren't our own and we can conclude that, then all of a sudden it brings in large wave of compassion. The resistance in the world that we're seeing in the external events of the world is as a result of everyone not seeing that they're not their thoughts or at least this is a really 1st good step. There's more that will unfold and I'm still in the process of looking into step one, but through this evolution there will be awakening. If you feel called take the Golden Age Courses. They will only grow more powerful as time continues.

Sound And The Messenger
Sound And The Messenger
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