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We Get Sick Because We Stress Too Much and Forget to Be Happy!

by Melody Galloway 4 months ago in self care

Are you stressed?

We Get Sick Because We Stress Too Much and Forget to Be Happy!
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People are unique, unrepeatable, formidable. They are the same and different at the same time. Fragile and strong. Hard to understand, but easy to love. With past, present, and future. A universe of feelings.

Paradoxically, they do not meet by chance. And everyone's story differs depending on the faces that were part of life and especially the choices made.

Some have memorable stories worthy of becoming immortal on the covers of a book. Others are impressed by the pain and disappointment that made them softer or more abrasive. Stone rock or a pasture full of wildflowers.

Some are ashamed or laughed at the choices they once made, or with human impotence, assumed or not. We share dreams under the same sky and step on the same earth. Dear soul, do you think you understand the sadness in everyone's smile, the anger behind everyone's words, and the happiness behind man's tears? Believe. But it's not like that.

Every man has his secret. We talk and dream beautifully. We attach ourselves to people, places, things, and beautiful moments. We work with dedication. We hide physical and emotional pain, doubts, fears, regrets, failures…

We become empathetic, present, attentive again. We're crying. We forgive. I love you. We keep sacred memories that make our souls vibrate. We are learning to give. But most of all, we insist on error. Compromises. Checkmate!

A sharp glance can kill confidence, a caress bought can hurt more than a blow, mere empty words can hurt more than a dagger, and indifference can always be slow euthanasia.

We stick and peel off labels on people. We pull one or the other by the sleeve trying to change our minds. We consume our energy by caring about what others think of us. We accumulate frustrations, load our souls with unnecessary worries, and feed our imagination with all sorts of imaginations.

We get sick because we stress too much and forget to be happy. The opinion of anything, anytime, anywhere, encouraged by the media becomes a second nature of the little man. Prejudice. Utopias. After the kneader of life kneads us well, sometimes even the poorest piece of bread seems to you the sweetest.

Especially afterlife has taken down your "horse glasses", those defenses that do not allow you to see sideways what you should: the sufferings and needs of those around us, the beauty around us, the good and the good intentions, the chances that we are granted, the people who go with us, nature.

Today I am wrong and you forgive me. Tomorrow you are wrong and I forgive you. The next day we both make mistakes and others forgive us and so on. And above all and in us, the Holy Spirit shines in the Soft Light. We are moved by everything beautiful, a flower, a song, a smile, the voice of a child, the tenderness of an old man, the memory of a loved one

Did you bring something beautiful and good into the world? Did you make anyone happy today? Do you love or hate? Do you act or are you indifferent? Do you understand without explanations? Do you believe without seeing? Do you hear without words? Do you see with your eyes closed? Feel untouched? When you look in the mirror, what do you see ?! When life breaks the pages of your dreams, you laugh at the multitude of dreams that follow. The soul is not limited to a fixed number of loves. It does not remain in a pool of perdition.

Every man I meet on my way is superior to me in something. That's why I try to learn something from each one. And, Lord, what a miracle life is! Especially after you breathe a sigh of relief that you ran after yourself to meet you…

I will love it until the end of the world. And the end of the world is my end. When I died, my world was over. So I should be concerned about my end, not the end of the world. Has anyone signed a contract living 70 or 80 years?

The story of our life can end at any time, suddenly or smoothly. Contemporary "apocalypse" is in my mind and heart when I hate, lie, envy, judge, and so on. In me is Heaven, is hell. In me is light and in me is darkness.

So, dear soul, live every day as if it were the last day of your life. Today can be the most beautiful day, it depends on you what you choose. Be a lighted candle, and by the example of your own life make the world more beautiful around you.

Forgive, love, bless! You are a miracle!

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