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Ways to Improve the Health of Your Skin

by Victoria Lim 3 years ago in self care

“Beauty is in the skin! Take care of it, oil it, clean it, scrub it, perfume it, and put on your best clothes, even if there is no special occasion, and you'll feel like a queen.” ― Fatema Mernissi

Ways to Improve the Health of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is essential since the skin is the body's largest organ. Its main purpose is to protect us and work as an effective barrier. In order to protect your skin, you should protect yourself from harmful chemicals, you should stick to a healthy diet, make sure you have enough sleep, and create an exercise routine. Here are some ways that can help you improve the health of your skin.

Alter your eating habits.

The food we eat and how we treat ourselves influences our skin, its health, and the way it looks. Intake of the right nutrients can help with damaged skin since they help cells replicate. Therefore, the first step to healthy skin is obviously altering your food habits and switching to a healthy, nutritious diet. Processed food, toxins, and lack of nutrients in your diet can accelerate aging and cause your skin damage.

Healthy meal

Altering your food habits can be a bit difficult, especially if you lead a very busy lifestyle. The best way to do so is to surround yourself with healthy food, snacks, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Try not to skip meals, find time for breakfast, and if you really crave a snack, opt for an alternative such as kale chips instead of the unhealthy ones. Eat foods with antioxidants that will help you fight disease, reduce inflammation and damage to the skin leading to wrinkle formation, such as blueberries, acai berries, spinach, nuts, seeds, etc.

Keep your body hydrated.

Another important step in keeping your skin healthy is to drink more water. Not only it will help you if you have trouble with cellulite, but it will also give more elasticity to your skin and that blooming look we all adore. If your skin is dull, dry, or saggy the chances are you are not drinking nearly enough water you should be.


Make a daily goal of drinking a minimum eight glasses of water and treat yourself after you've reached it. Always carry a water bottle with you and try to stick to your goal. You can add lemon to your water and cleanse your body from the toxins while keeping it hydrated.

Pay attention to the list of ingredients.

To keep your skin healthy you should also start paying attention to what cosmetic products you use. That means you should start reading the labels, lists of ingredients, research what some ingredients do to your skin, and which chemicals you should definitely avoid.

Natural skin care

Many cosmetic products contain harmful chemicals that the skin absorbs and some of the ingredients may even cause irritation on your skin and other skin problems. That is why the best option is to switch to organic, all natural products to ensure the best treatment for your skin and avoid any ingredients that can harm it.

Moisturize your skin.

After you have found the best organic cosmetic products for your skin type, it is very important to apply them regularly because skin moisturizers keep the top layer of skin hydrated. They include agents that retain moisture in the skin and emollients, and they smooth the spaces between the skin cells. It is advised to moisturize your skin after a shower to lock the moisture in and avoid excessive washing since it can strip away the oily layer of the skin and make it dry.

Hand cream

Also, you should avoid really hot showers, instead, use warm water and minimize the use of soaps, shower gels, and other products since they will damage the skin's surface, especially if you shower with sponge or scrub brushes. Use gentle, fragrance-free cleanser for your skin to keep it healthy and blooming.

Avoid alcohol and quit smoking!


Avoid consuming too much alcohol and quit smoking since it can severely damage the health of your skin. Smoking narrows the blood vessels on the outer layer of skin, which reduces blood flow and makes your skin lack the nutrients and oxygen it needs to stay healthy. It also reduces the natural elasticity of the skin, causing the reduction of collagen production


Make sure to work out enough to increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients and get rid of toxins through sweat. This will lead to clearer, healthier skin. Find the simple exercises that won't affect your morning routine, the ones you enjoy doing, and start every day with a mini work out. Cycling also does the trick; you will sweat off the toxins, stay fit, and keep your skin healthy.

These simple tips will help you improve the health of your skin while taking care of your general well being. Just find something that motivates you, whether it is a colorful water bottle that will inspire you to drink more water or a simple 15-minute morning yoga workout. You only have one skin you live in, you might as well keep it healthy!

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Victoria Lim
Victoria Lim
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