How important is water to the human body?


The amount of water inside the human body is almost half to three-quarters full. Looking at it from an automobile perspective, it is like bringing your vehicle to the gas station. Then taking the nozzle and filling the car a half tank to three-quarters full. However, the difference is the driver must maintain that tank level of gas for the vehicle to run efficiently. That example is somewhat similar to the water inside of the human body. The only difference is most cars can go below a quarter tank and still run smoothly. However, the water within the human body is so unique that humans have no idea how they maintain that level. There may be one out of every hundred people that know the amount of water they drink by the ounce per day.

Since we have a brief preview of the importance of water, let's examine a bit more about the internal and external of the human body. The inside, water can come out three or even four ways from a body. The first popular one is sweating. Fitness or playing a favourite sport is where the human being can sweat to the highest level. On the other hand, walking or simple activities such as gardening, golfing, or any other less strenuous chores can produce water out of the pores at a minimum. The next one for water release for both males and females is urine. People need to urinate at least six to seven times a day. It would not be unusual if some individuals go between four and ten times a day, depending on their water intake. Thirdly crying or weeping can let water out of the body. If someone lost a significant other, broke up with a mate, or overwhelmed with a successful feat, tears can be excessive. The final water outlet is argumentative. Spitting is another way to let out water out even though most times it is mixed in with our saliva.

The external use of water to maintain the body for hygiene is about double than the internal portion. The first and most common is a bath or shower. The body needs water mix with liquid or soap to regain that fresh feeling. Then certain areas of the body need specific care such as the scalp. Hair or clean shaven, water with shampoo is significant to keep the pores clean and open. Next are the eyes and eyebrows. Water is in need here to rinse and remove overnight particles from these areas. The nose also needs water care here. After cleaning mucus from the nose, sometimes a rag and mild soap are necessary to clean out that area. Some people even use a water flush system mechanism sometimes for nasal purposes. Ears need water with mild soap after using tips or tissue to take out any leftover wax from these areas. The final important area for water is the mouth. The water is so much in need here for the toothpaste, and a toothbrush to work actively inside this area. The water helps the paste absorb within the mouth to brush the teeth clean from debris and other particles. The tongue inside the mouth that is behind the upper and lower sets of teeth need attention too. The water, toothpaste, and toothbrush work simultaneously to remove the germs from the tongue. The water helps rinse the mouth from this area.

Water is important that sometimes as human beings we are not fully aware of the impact on our lives day in and day out. However, when we stop and think about it for a minute or two, what would happen if you did not have clean water to use every day? How could we keep this body clean to successfully stay on top? Water is important to the body that we use more water taking care of the outside than we do on the inside. Therefore we must do our best and not take it for granted. We should ensure that we do not waste it. Some people in different countries do not even have clean water to use like some of us do. Some people do not even have access to water like we do. Therefore take care and stay clean inside and outside.

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