Vaping Can Save Your Life

Unfortunately, the FDA has other plans.

Vaping Can Save Your Life

I started smoking when I was 15. I stole a pack of my father’s cigarettes and went to school. I wanted to be one of the cool kids. (This was also in the early 90s when cigarettes weren’t $12 a pack) I never thought this very pack of cigarettes would send me into a downward spiral. In hindsight, I never thought I would stop smoking, that Lung cancer was a myth and couldn’t touch me. I was a stupid kid and an even stupider young adult.

I attempted to go cold turkey... many times. I was the nastiest, meanest, most miserable woman in the world. I would lash out at my loved ones when I didn’t mean to, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate unless I had a cigarette. It was a vice that even today I’m not proud of. In 2016, I was told that I was on the verge of lung cancer. My doctor told me I had nodules on my lungs that she was very concerned about. I needed to stop smoking immediately; this is where I heard about vaping. I went into a nearby vape shop and picked up a small vape pen. It helped a little bit, but not enough to convince my body to switch. I continued to smoke while also attempting to kick the habit with the small vape pen.

I eventually upgraded to my first box mod, an I-stick 100-watt and a bottle of Nutz by Cosmic Fog. (Sweet and juicy strawberry preserve, spread evenly over fresh ground almond butter. Infused with only the most subtle notes of whipped honey creme.) It was fantastic. I eventually found that I liked dessert flavors and I’m addicted to coffee flavors as well. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since February 2016.

Currently, the Vaping industry is under attack by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) They are determined to drive the vape industry into the ground or either tax it to death, making vape shops shut down and juice makers to cease production. They are so bold as to call it “smoking” and label vaping products “tobacco products” when in all reality, it’s not. They also launched what appears to be a smear campaign to make vaping seem like it’s dangerous. Don't get me started on the "Teen Vaping Epidemic" which is complete bullshit and one of the main reasons the FDA is on a warpath. My 14-year-old nephew told me how he wanted to start vaping cause he saw me do it and I read him the riot act, telling him he's too young to be even thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong, if he wants to vape that’s his decision but, I’d rather he do it when he’s older. I do agree with the FDA on one thing, teens shouldn’t be vaping, this is what makes the industry look bad; how so many young people get their hands on vape products is beyond me.

There have been numerous news reports of someone’s e-cigarette blowing up in their face or their pocket, causing them injury. This is fear-mongering and needs to stop. There is no need to spread fear to the masses just because you’re mad that you’re losing money. Google is your friend, there are hundreds of articles online about vaping safety and how to stay safe when doing so; Most vape shops are staffed with experienced vapers, people who have years of experience and will be happy to help someone very new to vaping understand what they need to know about this switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Oh and that doctor that told me I almost had lung cancer? I went back to her and told her I started vaping and she was not happy. She told me to stop immediately because “We don’t know what’s in the e-juice and the vapor.” that it hasn’t been proven. Just another misinformed soul. I walked out of her office in 2018 puffing on my e-cigarette. I go back to see her this Wednesday.

Christina Scanlon
Christina Scanlon
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