Using Essential Oils Can Help You Fall Asleep and Feel More Rested

by Nekisha McLeod 8 months ago in health

Essential oils can help you fight insomnia and improve your quality of sleep.

Using Essential Oils Can Help You Fall Asleep and Feel More Rested

Essentials oils have been around for centuries. People have used them for relaxation, in cosmetics, to treat illnesses, and so much more. The oils are extracted from plants through steam distillation; when fresh plants are hung over boiling water, the steam pulls the oils from the plant. The oil gets separated from the water and is then collected. There are so many essential oils on the market, and they each do something different. For that reason, people buying the oils tend to purchase them for a specific purpose. If you have a cold, for example, you will do well with Eucalyptus oil or lemongrass. Meanwhile, for skin issues, you can use some tea tree or lavender oil.

In today's society, there are so many daily demands that leave us drained by the end of the day. One would think that being tired would automatically lull us to sleep at night. It is true that some people do fall asleep rather quickly and enjoy a full night's rest after a long day of work. But it is also true that there are those among us who will remain awake, no matter how tightly we are clutched by the arms of sleep. This is where using the right essential oil comes in. The first thing you will need is a diffuser; there are some great choices online and on Amazon, for example. You can also rub the oils on your hands, feet, or neck if so you choose. There are health stores and niche stores as well that sell both oils and diffusers. Before you make your purchase, you have to look at a few of the best essentials oils for sleep.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is great for insomnia. A study done by German and Iranian researchers showed that six to eight drops of lavender oil added to a diffuser or on bedding material improved the overall quality and ease of sleep. The oil can be used as an alternative to sleep aiding medicines (sleeping pills). It works best for younger people and the elderly. Another benefit of using the oil is that your room and home will smell heavenly.


As the name might suggest, cedarwood has an earthy, woody smell. It has natural sedative properties that make it one of the best oils to help you fall asleep. You can even combine lavender with the cedarwood to get rid of that strong smell.

Ylang Ylang

This oil has a sweet floral smell that, in addition to putting you to sleep, will also help with anxiety and skin issues such as acne.

Marjoram Oil

The oil produced from dry or fresh leaves of the marjoram plant is great for calming the nerves, as well as helping you to fall asleep quickly and to feel well-rested upon waking up.

Chamomile Oil

Many people drink chamomile tea to fall asleep. If you are not a tea person then the oil is the next best thing. Chamomile has a calming effect. It makes you relaxed, which also makes it more likely that you will start to fall asleep much sooner.

It is also worth mentioning that you should always follow the instructions on the labels of the oils you purchase. Happy dreams!!

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