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Tried 60 consecutive days on Peloton, and did not die.

The surprising things that happen when you try to workout.

By Mike BrandonPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Back in November of 2020 my mother went septic - she is okay now - but at the time, during the pandemic, it made me come to the realization that heath in my family has never been a priority. This mostly comes from growing up in a single parent household where fast food was easier, cheaper, and quicker than picking up groceries and immersing yourself into a full on recipe while also trying to take care of your kids sounds near impossible.

For anyone reading this that feels guilty for getting their child fast food because it is all you can afford, don't. I get it. I hear you. You are seen.

Unfortunately, this lack of diet and support would lead to adolescent obesity. As you can guess I have lacked a positive self image of myself from the start of my childhood because all kids like to do is make fun of fat people (we all know where they learned that from). But November 2020, at 26 years old, something clicked in me that I didn't think ever would. As I watched my mom battle this with hospital staff treating plus-sized people obviously differently - I was immediately thrown into rage that in order to feel safe and respected as someone SICK I would have to be someone who "looked healthy" and not fat.

This is what inspired me to jump on my boyfriend's peloton and try to get my "health" in socially acceptable in the event of the pandemic taking me into the hospital. Dark, right?

Since the pandemic started I gained 20 pounds, graduated with a Masters degree, have been on unemployment for almost a year, moved, had covid, and watched my mom almost die. You can say that I had an immense amount of stress and unhealthy coping habits that formed from being locked inside. My alcohol intake definitely went up and I definitely attribute that to my weight gain. Along with fries. I love fries.

So I went up to my boyfriend's peloton that has been collecting dust and stared it down like my enemy on the school yard - and just like the school yard I ran away from it and went to sleep. I classically run away from things that intimidate me - I still haven't written that book that I set a goal for back in December of 2017. Now you are forming an idea of what I am like, yes? All talk, no delivery. WRONG.

This time I DELIVERED. I made a goal to get on the peloton 60 days in a row - MOSTLY to get the 60 day achievement for the completionist in me - but to shed some pounds too. I have never felt better!

First off, peloton has more than just cycling to use on their app if you do not have a bike. One of the things that I tried in addition to biking was meditations - meditating for me hasn't really been for soul searching but more so hitting the pause button on life and centering my emotions. But it is great for both in continued practice.

My first week on the bike was interesting to say the least. I avoided live rides, and anything above 30 minute workouts. Why? Because I felt like it. Additionally, I started getting numb in the nether-regions from sitting too long and I recommend getting biking shorts if you experience this too. In the first week I think I only did two 30 minute workouts, one of them being low-impact (meaning you do not get out of the saddle). After the 7 consecutive days, I was content with my streak but was losing the motivation to continue for another 53. Like really, who wants to do that. Then this voice came in my head like "but you are so close to 10 consecutive days!" and I was like "bet" and did it. Made it to 10 days.

After 10 days of consecutive cycling I was sleeping better, drinking more water, and generally in a better mood - which has been hard to maintain because of the pandemic + a masters degree and no job. Something about the instructors on peloton made me believe in myself, something I did not know I needed. It made me wish that I started this journey a year ago.

The achievements started rolling in: Personal Best, Activity Challenges, weekly streaks, 20 days, 30 days, 45 days..

Then finally, 60 day streak!!!

[Image Description: Blue and silver badges in a row indicating consecutive daily milestones on the fitness bike/app Peloton.]

This was probably one of the proudest moments in my life because of how unattainable it was in my head. I know it sounds silly but I never worked out for 60 days consecutively before - I feel like I worked out 60 days in my entire undergraduate career. (4 1/2 years) .

I will be honest with you the results do not happen over night but once you notice them it feels amazing. After 60 days of active peloton biking - burning about 20,000 calories in two months along with lower carb intake, I have lost 10 pounds. Was it what I wanted? No. I wanted washboard abs by the end of 60 days but that is not how it works, unfortunately (still fun to dream though).

Key takeaways that I think would benefit everyone:

  • Better mental health feelings/emotional well being from working out
  • Goal centered - cater to what you think is realistic for you.
  • Be happy with the effort you put in, regardless of how much you put in. What you do is enough.

If you are thinking of getting into a fitness regime (I am not qualified to actually recommend) - I recommend taking it slow like I did. 20 - 30 minutes a day/week/month/year. Whatever you need, you listen to your body and needs. Advocate for your health and I promise you will not be disappointed.

From personal experience 60 days is HARD but I didn't die. Proving you can survive whatever you put your mind/body/heart to; but you MUST always listen to your body and your specific needs. I'm just your friendly gay neighbor that talks too much <3


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