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Treadmill vs Rowing Machine - Best Home Gym Workout Equipment Debate

by Patty McDaniels 8 months ago in fitness

Which exercise machine will give you the most bang for your buck?

Treadmill vs Rowing Machine - Best Home Gym Workout Equipment Debate

Most of you probably think about buying a workout machine for your use at home. Although there are several options open for you, two of the major considerations are a treadmill and a rower. Experts from this website say that choosing a piece of exercise equipment that gives a full body workout is the best choice. However, there are also some users who prefer to use exercise machines that provides an adequate amount of workout in order to help them remain fit. When it comes to choosing between a treadmill and a rowing machine, many people get confused. It is true that both have their pros and cons. Choosing one is completely based on your own personal requirements and budget.

Which machine provides the better workout?

As far as cardiovascular exercises are concerned, both rowers and treadmills provide some great exercises. They both help to strengthen your lungs and heart, reduce stress, boost bone density, boost your confidence levels, brighten your mood, burn calories, and boost your energy levels. Talking about a treadmill, it will just allow you to walk, jog, and run on the surface. Max to max you can increase the inclination of the surface to increase the physical challenges. It also involves the muscles in your legs such as glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps.

On the other hand, a rower provides a full body workout. The resistance levels of a rowing machine can easily be altered according to the strength level of a user. Rowing involves the muscles in your legs, your hands, and also your body. Thus, it can be safely said that a rower scores above a treadmill as far as getting a better workout is concerned.

Which piece of equipment is better for your body?

As far as suitability to your body is concerned, both the machines have their pros and cons. Running on a treadmill will mean doing a weight-bearing workout. According to several studies, while running you tend to put almost four to eight times more weight than your normal body weight on your joints. This may result in serious damages to your joints. Such issues may arise for people who have led a sedentary lifestyle and use an improper method for running.

On the other hand, rowing is not a weight-bearing workout. It puts minimum stress on your body joints. Since you sit while rowing, you will work against gravity. As a result of this, there will be nil pounding on your joints. This is why doctors recommend people rehabilitating from a surgery or injury to use a rower to work out. Again, the rowing machine scores more than a treadmill as far as suitability to your body is concerned.

Better Value

This simply means the machine that gives you a good value for the price you pay to buy it. If you look at a rower, you will notice that it provides a full body workout, provides challenging cardio workout, and also builds muscles on both lower and upper body. Another important factor is that it does not provide weight-bearing exercises.

At the same time, a treadmill is also a great workout machine. However, it provides just a limited number of workouts, concentrates only on your lower torso, and provides weight-bearing exercises. It is also true that you can save a lot if you run outdoors in the open. Thus the rowing machine gives you a better value for money as compared to a treadmill.

The ultimate choice between a treadmill and a rowing machine is entirely based on your personal thoughts and requirements. These two machines also come with different price tags and the space needed to store them also differ from each other.

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