Traditional Yoga styles

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Traditional Yoga styles
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Visually yoga is a physical exercise. But it also works on your mind and spirit. Meditation in Yoga lets you relax the mind. Free you from all the worries and induce positivity. The yoga instructor not only guides you through physical exercise but also work on mental health. Yoga has various poses and styles. Here we will discuss the traditional styles of yoga famous among people.

Vinyasa yoga

As far as physical exercise is concerned, it is the best workout. All the poses are done in a flow without stopping. It makes you sweat and is great for those who want an athletic workout. Movement and breath are coordinated while performing Vinyasa yoga. It makes muscles strong, flexible, and good for those having coronary heart disease. Although it is a hard workout but not all the classes are tough. The style of pursuing this type of yoga varies from one teacher to another.Meditation is carried out before or after class. In the start, students may concentrate on pain and strain on the muscles. But when they become used to, Vinyasa yoga feels like meditation. Students are not allowed to talk because poses are done in a flow. Thus they get a chance to meditate while yoga.

Hatha yoga

hatha yoga

It is the type of yoga practice in most of the yoga classes. Hatha yoga involves static poses with breathing exercises. The instructor continuously reminds students of focusing on breath while doing poses. Moreover, he also gives some breath control exercises for practice. This style of yoga is considered best for beginners. The yoga starts with pranayama followed by different static poses then meditation at the end.

Iyengar yoga

According to the teachings of yoga master B.K.S Iyengar,this style of yoga is designed. The main aim of Iyengar yoga is to bring body alignment to the extent it is possible. Yoga blankets, blocks, straps, and other props can be used to achieve the form. Instead of doing poses in a flow, the pose is held a bit longer. It helps to build stamina, improve coordination, and control. Also, it helps to gain stability in the body.

Yin yoga

yin yoga pose

Yoga teacher Paul Grilley developed this style. Through this one can get a chance to sit quietly in a still pose and relax. It not only relaxes the body but also the mind. Yin yoga benefits the joints by stretching connective tissue thus making them strong. Poses are held for a few minutes. This is to build stamina to sit in meditation for long. It makes muscles flexible, releases stress, helps to overcome your fears, and induce positive energy.


While searching for kripalu yoga you will find a retreat center in Stockbridge as well. Kripalu yoga emphasizes more on meditation. Thus it is mind relaxing yoga style. The compassionate approach of this yoga helps to heal physically and spiritually. Kripalu yoga is good for old age people who cannot move joints easily.


There are so many traditional styles of yoga to practice. Consult your instructor to choose the right one for you. All the styles involve meditation that helps to relax your mind. Yoga free your soul and let you find yourself. It rejuvenates your body and mind. So make yoga the part of daily routine to live healthily and strong.

Michele Hauswirth
Michele Hauswirth
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