Top 10 Reasons Why We Need to Experience the Outdoors More

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Top 10 Reasons Why We Need to Experience the Outdoors More

As we know, in today’s world we are more inclined to sit at home and watch TV or play video games, rather than explore the outdoors. Our society has made it acceptable to sit at home and watch TV or play video games for six hours per day, rather than explore the wilderness. Although there are some benefits to playing video games like improving coordination and enhancing multitasking skills, we still need to have a healthy balance between indoor and outdoor activities. According to the American Psychological Association, 44 percent of Americans have reported that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. Granted there are a lot of factors which has caused the stress increase, but one of the major ones is having a sedentary lifestyle and being cooped up inside our bedrooms. So for today, we will keep it nice and simple. Here are 10 reasons why you need to experience the outdoors more.

1. It will boost your energy levels.

Yup! Being outdoors at least three times per week can boost your energy levels. When our body is inside a confined area the brain does not get enough oxygen. As we know, it is important that we get a certain amount of fresh oxygen a day, which most don’t so if you go outside and get some fresh air you will truly be energized and feeling great.

2. Lowered Stress Levels

Like I said before, 44 percent of Americans have noticed a stress increase over the past five years, which is why we need to do things or activities that will lower our stress levels, and being outdoors more is one of them. There have been studies showing how being outdoors for a couple of nights can lower your cortisol levels drastically. Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone” so making sure that our cortisol is in control is crucial for our mental health.

3. It boosts your immune system.

When we are inside in a clean area, without a lot of bacteria around us, our body doesn’t have to fight for anything—compared to the outdoors where there is dirt, insects etc. When we are exposed to a healthy amount of bacteria, our immune system has something to fight off, which leads to a boost in our immune system. Most people in this day and age tend to get sick often, and one of the reasons is a weak immune system. So if you guys or girls don’t want to get sick often then please expose yourself to healthy amounts of bacteria by being outdoors.

4. Improved Focus

Hey! Want to make more money, do better at your job, and achieve your goals? Then go outside for a walk in nature. Studies show that walking outside in nature for only 20 minutes a day can improve your focus. Similar to meditation when you get your 20 minutes of walking in the outdoors, your mind will feel relaxed and refreshed. This will drastically improve your productivity and improve your focus. If you're having trouble with focusing on your task at hand then consider stepping outside for a moment.

5. Reduced Risk of Cancer

Although these studies are in their early phase, it has been shown that spending time in nature, particularly in forests has shown increased production of anti-cancer proteins. Some countries consider being outside in the forest, or also known as “forest bathing,” as a form of medicine. People living near the forest also have lower mortality rates from various cancers. Like I said, although these claims have not been backed up with proper evidence it is still something to consider.

6. Better Short-Term Memory

So, in one study people were given a memory test to complete. After the test was done they were sent out for a walk alongside nature, after they came back they were asked to perform the memory test again. People who took a walk alongside nature did around 20 percent better as compared to the first time.

7. More Creative Mind

Since there is no concrete study to back this up, people who tend to walk or experience the outdoors are comparatively more creative than the ones who don’t. I can say that it’s true from my experience. You see, after I made a decision to experience the outdoors more I have really noticed a boost in my creativity and I am sure a lot of people can relate, so if you’re an artist looking for your next inspiration then go outdoors!

8. Better Vision

We all know how sitting in front of a computer can impact our eyesight, especially for younger kids. Making sure you get enough outdoors time throughout the week can really give your eyes a break from the stress we put them through at work or school. Now, if you want to make sure you don’t stress your eyes too much, then go outside and expand your vision.

9. It will help you get more physical activity.

I guess this is quite self-explanatory, experiencing nature or stepping outdoors will help you get your heart rate up. As we know how important it is to make sure we get our daily requirement of exercise, some people don’t like going to the gym, to which I have a solution for you... go outdoors! Going for a walk and exploring the nature will help you get your daily requirements of exercise and will help you combat things listed here, a win-win for everyone.

10. Better Sleep

Having trouble with your sleep? Well, I have the solution for you. One study suggested, people who got sunlight exposure for 30 to 60 minutes per day noticed an improvement in their sleep patterns. Having better sleep patterns will help you get a great night's sleep so make sure you get yours!

In conclusion, it is imperative that we get our dose of nature or outdoors. We live in a world of a concrete jungle, at least most of us, and we were not meant to be cooped up in a room all day. So for our bodies to feel right and healthy we need nature in our life. So I really hope you start to take things seriously after reading this and go experience more outdoors.

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