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Top 10 Push Up Training

That Will Keep You Fit

By Jaymie SuhPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Top 10 Push Up Training
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Many people are aware of what is a push-up. It's a basic exercise that you may be aware of even as a kid. It involves raising your body up and down by using your arms. It may seem like just a simple exercise, but it can build your strength.

By doing this repetitively, it will trim down your triceps, shoulders, and your pectoral muscles. If done properly, it can make your lower back stronger as well as your core by pulling in your abdominal muscles.

How Push-Up is a Really Great Exercise for General Conditioning

It's a Versatile Exercise

Many different types of push-up exercises can be done anywhere. You don't even need any equipment to do this. All you need is a flat surface like the floor to start doing some push-ups.

It's a good start to be on your way to a healthier and stronger body. Traditional push-ups are easy to do even at home. It will make your muscles toned and strengthen them without the need to go to the gym.

The Muscles of the Body that Push-Up Exercises Target

It's important to have good form to get the full benefit of doing push-up exercises. When it's down correctly, it will target your triceps, pectoral muscles, shoulders, lower back, and core.

Your upper body will benefit the most from doing push-ups regularly. That means you don't have to worry if you can't go to the gym. You don't even have to use any type of equipment for this type of exercise.

Top 10 Types of Push-Ups to Transform Your Upper Body

1. Traditional

You can start with the traditional push-up exercises at any time. It's the easiest type of push-up that you can master. Afterward, you can apply the proper techniques to other types of push-ups.

The traditional push-up targets the triceps and shoulders. Just start in all fours to be in position from the floor. Make sure your hands are placed under your shoulders. Spread your feet the same as your hip width then start your push-ups.

2. Incline or Decline

Once you're used to doing push-ups, you can start doing the incline or decline push-ups. Incline push up needs a stable and elevated area like a table. It will require your arms to be elevated.

The decline in push-ups will be the other way around. This time, your feet will be the ones elevated. Make sure to find a stable area like a bench or a squat rack. Once you have the right position, you can start your push-up exercise.

3. Close Grip

The close-grip push-up will target your triceps. You just need to narrow your hand position. Then tuck your elbows before you start moving up and down motion. It can be hard at first but it will do good for your triceps.

This type of exercise is ideal once you have already strengthened your body by doing traditional push-ups regularly. It may look simple but it can challenge you and strengthen your body more.

4. Form Roller

To bring your push-up exercises to the next level, it's time to add a form roller for your routine. You just need to place the form roller on your shins. Then you can start your push-ups.

It will strengthen your core and since the pressure will be mostly on that part. That way, you don't have to worry about the gap in your exercise routine. This type of push-ups can give you a full-body workout.

5. Three-Point

The three-point push-up will increase your core stability. It's similar to the traditional push-up so it's simple to do. Just lift your other leg off the floor. Then start doing your push-up as usual.

It's the more challenging version of the traditional push-up. Make sure to switch your legs in every set so that you can make it even. This push-up type will help you maintain a good balance.

6. Weight Vest

Doing the weight vest push up will increase resistance on your traditional exercise. It's being done when your body seems to get used to the traditional push-ups. Creating more resistance is necessary when you're used to it.

Adding more weight will provide more challenge and resistance with your workout. It will make the push-ups still be effective in strengthening and toning your muscles. Since the body can get used to your workout routine, it's the best thing to make it more challenging.

7. Yoga

Also known as Hindu push-ups, it requires you to pike your hips. This type of push-up will challenge your body more than the usual angle. It will improve your mobility as well as your strength.

The yoga push-up needs you to control yourself when you go down to the floor. Then you have to skim your chest from the floor before lifting your body.

8. Offset

The offset push-up is another way to increase resistance for your workout. You have to lift one hand while the other hand is down.

Use an elevated area like a stable gym stool and switch one hand from the other. It will strengthen your shoulder, arms, and core with this type of push-up.

9. Slow Tempo

The slow tempo push-up is also done the same as the traditional. However, you need to move up and down slower than the normal movement.

Do a set of traditional push-ups before switching with the slow tempo. Take five to ten seconds to go down and do the same while going up.

10. Suspension Trainer

You can do a suspension trainer push-up to level up your routine. Instead of doing push-ups from the floor, place your hand on the suspension trainer.

It will increase resistance since it's not static like the floor. This type of push-up will make your arms, shoulder, and core to work harder to stabilize your body.


These types of push-ups will surely transform your upper body if done regularly. But you have to remember that the human body can adjust to a routine. Increasing resistance for your push-ups will be an excellent idea. Just start with the traditional push-up and step up whenever you feel the need for more resistance.


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