Top-10 gadgets for your protection during Covid-19 article

Looking for enhanced health protection during COVID-19? Check out the list of ten best gadgets that help you to protect yourself, your employees, and customers

Top-10 gadgets for your protection during Covid-19 article
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Let's begin with the fact that health protection has never been more crucial. It has basically united the entire world in the battle against the coronavirus. Staying healthy during a pandemic is different.

We have to follow particular, sometimes non-common rules. To understand why - let's find out the definition of health protection. It's a set of measures that aims to ensure a decent human being's state of health.

In terms of the coronavirus, a person must regularly and thoroughly wash their hands and follow respiratory hygiene. Moreover, it's better to avoid touching one’s face and maintain a minimum distance of 3 feet.

Simple rules are easy to follow. But wait, why doesn't everyone do it? New habits take time. Luckily, some tools can partially take responsibility.

Here are the top-10 gadgets that will help you to protect yourself and everyone around:

  • Sneeze Guards
  • A contactless thermometer
  • Air Purifiers
  • Hands-free door openers
  • Wearable gadgets
  • A smartphone with special software
  • A pocket respirator
  • A pocket case for a disinfectant liquid
  • Protective masks
  • Vibrating bracelets

Let's take a closer look at how a regular individual and business can use them.

Business Has to Take the Lead

Most businesses experience hard financial times. Yet, they play an important role in maintaining public health protection. Those whose boat is still sailing must provide conditions for safe interaction.

If you think about it in more detail, it all starts with personal hygiene. Contactless thermometers allow measure temperature without direct contact. Therefore, it contributes to lowering the spread of bacteria.

Moving forward, bacteria will be everywhere around us. Here come air purifiers to sanitize and clean the air. They are effective in both small and big spaces. But don't forget to check the area of operation. You may need several.

Another essential gadget is sneeze guards. You’ve probably already heard about them, haven't you? They reduce the risk of bacteria spread between a cashier and a customer. It's an effective shield for those at the forefront.

Only imagine the scope of a virus if an infected cashier works in a supermarket. After all, not everyone is going to turn to delivery. The sneeze guards exist in several types. For instance, Fortuna Visual Group produces such guards in custom sizes, from different materials (glass, plexiglass, acryl) various parameters, with or without special holes, etc.

What Are the Essential Tools for Individual Human-Beings?

You may wonder what are the essentials for humans besides gloves or protective masks? Learn more about our so-called health protection courses. For instance, even protective masks come in several types. Though opinions about their usage differ, they are vital when coming into contact with the infected.

Another useful tool is a pocket case for a sanitizer that you seam to a belt. Only imagine, you urgently need to disinfect hands, but the living liquid is at the bottom of the bag. You will touch so many things before reaching it.

Pocket respiratory is one more useful compact gadget. You can buy or create a custom one with a 3D printer. Hopefully, you won't need it. Yet, this doesn't apply to the next tool - hands-free door openers. The essential pocket hack that promotes physical distancing. It's common knowledge that millions of bacteria live on door handles.

The list will be incomplete without digital friends - smart devices. Spreading panic promotes a healthy way of life. People start to pay more attention to their body state. Though wearables have been popular before, they are even more on the rise with new features. Many are now equipped with a thermometer function.

The corona-inspired devices of the same kind are vibrating bracelets. They help to develop a new habit – to stop touching the face. As soon as your hands are close to it, the device will vibrate.

Last but not least is probably the most primitive - a smartphone. You wonder why? It can give you fast access to doctor consultation. Many telemedicine apps literally make a doctor one click away.

Share your ideas on what gadgets you use to facilitate health protection during COVID-19. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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