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Tips to Lose Water Weight Fast

by Candace Elizabeth 2 years ago in weight loss

How to let go of extra weight in a flash!

Losing body fat can be a long and arduous journey. Though healthy weight loss must be completed over time, there may be times that you need a little boost. Maybe you are heading to our high school reunion. Or perhaps you may have just eaten too many pretzels and can no longer fit into your skinniest skinny jeans. Either way, here are some tips to help you lose water weight fast.


The first way to avoid excess water weight is to avoid gaining it in the first place. The best way to do this is to avoid foods that are high in sodium. Although this may seem obvious, high sodium content can exist in the most obscure places.

One of the biggest culprits is any food item that claims to be low in fat. This can range from anything from string cheese to frozen TV Dinners to frozen yogurt, and ice cream. Fat generally carries the flavor in food, so in order to compensate for a lack of flavor, food companies increase the sodium content. This, in turn, will increase your water retention. Any progress you make from lowering your caloric intake will be displaced by swollen knees and ankles. Nobody needs that.


Another way to decrease your water weight is to increase your water intake. The human body is composed of between 70 to 75 percent of water. In order to keep everything lubricated, as it were, doctors recommend that you drink eight eight-ounce glasses a day. Simple multiplication (8x8) can help you remember how much to take in. Keep in mind that your body needs water, you if you don’t drink it, your body will find ways to hold onto it.

An extra factor in maintaining a balance the fluids in your body is to take electrolytes. If your electrolytes are out of balance, then your body may compensate by retaining water. Suffice it to say, this is more than a little counterproductive. Moreover, another important mineral to maintain proper fluid balance is magnesium. Add these to your diet and you will lose water weight fast.


Added tip to eliminate water weight, you may already drink daily. It’s coffee. Or, specifically, caffeine. Coffee and tea are well-known diuretics due to their high levels of caffeine. Caffeine has many benefits. In addition to helping you stay awake, it also helps you to eliminate. So, sip your sugar-free coffee and tea and dismiss your pee.


The next tip may seem a bit extreme to some but is life-changing to others—going on a detox. Some health professionals insist that man-made or synthetic chemicals in our food, water, and air lead to disease and other maladies. They suggest one of the best ways to eliminate these microscopic dangers is to detox our bodies.

A detox may take many forms, but many include strategically removing certain foods from your diet. Some detoxes recommend removing carbohydrates, processed food, or sugar. Others recommending avoiding foregoing solid food altogether and choosing instead to drink organic fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. The most extreme of these detoxes, however, are the ones that encourage the participant to drink only water.

A detox serves to benefit the body overall, but it specifically serves to aid the body’s main detoxifier—the liver. The liver, a part of the digestive system, is responsible for cleansing the blood, removing dead and abnormal cells, bacteria, viruses, and parasites from the body.

One of the major symptoms of liver overload is water retention. Detoxing the body then helps you lose water weight fast. Additionally, the temporary removal of food from the body will result in almost instantaneous weight-loss. Take caution, however, you should not go prolonged periods of time without eating. The goal is solely to detoxify the liver so that the body will be free from toxins and excess water.


The next tip should come as no surprise. It’s exercise. One of the most obvious ways that reduce water is through sweating. One of the best ways to eliminate water is to increase body heat. Exercise is a simple way to do that. Exercise is also vital to having a long-term weight-loss and to general good health.

Some of the most heat-inducing exercises are spinning, running and hot yoga. The first two create internal heat, while hot yoga is generally performed in 90 to 105-degree heat. If you want to lose weight almost immediately, you may want to head to a few classes. Many studios offer introductory rates for a short time period of unlimited classes. If you need results immediately, a week’s worth of classes just may do the trick.


The last few tips are fairly simple and require little to no work on your behalf. All you have to do is sit. That’s it. Literally don’t move and you can lose water weight fast: up to five pounds in only 30 minutes. Sounds incredible, right? It is. So, what do you have to do? The answer to this is not what you do—you will be sedentary most of the time—but where you do it. You must sit in… a sauna. Yes, that really hot room that you deign to enter after your workout is one of the biggest keys to dropping water weight fast. Why is that? Well, like exercise, a sauna creates massive amounts of heat. In fact, the average temperature in a sauna is 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Much like when you exercise, in order to stay cool in such oppressive conditions, the body sweats to regulate itself.

This increase in temperature also causes the pump to faster. Needless to say, the heart is the main component in your cardiovascular system. So, effectively, you are doing cardio without even moving. What could be better than that?


Getting adequate sleep is great for your entire body not including your mind. The other system in the body responsible for sodium and water regulation is your renal system—namely your kidneys. One study claims that nerves in the kidneys may be adversely affected by a lack of sleep.

So, there you have it. Seven tips to help you lose water weight and get svelte in no time.

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Candace Elizabeth
Candace Elizabeth
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