Tips to Clean Your Contact Lenses

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Keeping your lenses clean means better eye health. Read now for improved eye health and to avoid potential eye infections.

Tips to Clean Your Contact Lenses

Glasses or contacts, lens care is important as unclean lenses can lead to eye infection, any further vision problem or even blindness. Only hygiene will ensure your eyes stay healthy and you are able to see clearly. Not only glasses, even your contact lenses can be cleaned. It is easy but you need to be careful because incompatible cleaning products can hamper the lenses.

In case of daily disposable contact lenses, there is no hassle of cleaning as they are designed for one time wearing. Your eyes should stay happy and healthy with contact lenses and that is why taking care of them is important.

Go though the cleaning guidelines:

First clean your hands:

More than anything else your hands can transfer germs on the lens, so make sure before you take the lenses in your hands, you clean your hands with anti-bacterial soap. Lotion-based or moisturising soap can cloud the contact lenses so avoid washing your hands with them. Later use lint-free towel to dry your hands.

Clean lens with solution:

Always use fresh recommended solution to clean the lenses. Contacts usually gets spoiled due to cosmetics or debris, so cleaning is recommended. Take lens in your palm, rub it with few drops of solution using your fingers. Even if you are using no rinse solution, rinse the lens. Rinse the lens again with the solution to completely remove the germs and debris. Turn it and let it dry. Make sure your fingernails doesn't come in contact with the lenses as it can spoil them.

Multi purpose solution:

Rinse the lens as directed and clean it using the multi purpose solution at least twice. Place it in clean lens case. Before using it, clean it again by rinsing it with the multi purpose cleaning solution.

Avoid using:

As mentioned earlier use only fresh cleaning solution, avoid using tap water or sterile water. Also do not use saline solution, or saliva, as they won’t properly clean your lenses and might leave certain percentage of germs or dirt.

Other instructions to follow

The solution with which you are cleaning your lenses should also be taken care of.

  • The solution bottle should be closed tightly
  • Do not transfer or store the solution in any other container for travelling purpose or carrying it along with you as it can affect its sterility and freshness
  • In every three months, you need to replace your contact lens case to maintain the hygiene factor
  • Also don't use your contact lenses for more than 30 days after first opening
  • Stay away from smoke or any kind of pollutants that can affect the contact lenses or cause irritation

In case of dryness

If you are facing eye dryness, use contact lens eye drops that will bring back wetness and moist in your eyes.

In case of eye allergy

Sometimes contact lens wearers develop eye allergy due to the lens cleaning solution. If you face such problem, simply replace the product with preservative free one.

It is always better to take advice of your optician to know if you are correctly doing the contact lens cleaning and maintaining your eye health.

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