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Tips on Alchemizing Heavy Emotions

by Kristin Wilson 2 years ago in advice
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Learning to transmute energy

With all of the chaos happening around the world, many of us are being hit with very heavy emotions. Ignoring these emotions doesn’t make them go away, it allows them to fester within, fueling the manifestation of more of these emotions. It is like becoming infected by the outside and instead of extinguishing this infection, you allow it to infect your thoughts and, in turn, your personal life.

Empaths also frequently run into the issue of absorbing the heavy emotions of others’ and find themselves wallowing in them, forgetting that it is part of their gift to take these emotions and alchemize them. As you learn you will find that shielding becomes more and more unnecessary because not only have you come to realize this ability to alchemize, you have become empowered enough to assist the ascension of the collective consciousness by transmuting these energies/ emotions.

So, what are some of the ways we can alchemize/ transmute energy?


Some of the most famous art was created from a space of heavy emotions I.e anger, fear, depression. Dig up all that you are feeling and unleash it in a poem, a painting, a song, or any art form of your choice. When you do this you are taking what is trapped on the inside and releasing it in a new form. Now it is clear that these emotions aren’t inherently “bad”, they are a fuel that ignites your passion and assists your creativity. Allow them in and allow them out.


Boxing, running, yoga, dancing, walking, any exercise of your choice will help you to clear your mind and body of these emotions. While exercising allow yourself to feel through it and all it all to exit your body with every step, punch, or deep breath you take. This is especially helpful because exercise directly combats these heavy emotions by releasing “feel- good” chemicals in your body to assist you in returning to a place of peace. You felt the intense emotions, and before you could manifest them into your life by taking them out on a loved one or lingering in them unknowingly affecting those around you, you have worked to release them. Great work, you are an Alchemist!


That’s right, cry. What are “e-motions”? They are energy in motion. So when they get seemingly stuck inside we can remember our built in transmuting mechanism. Crying is one way to get these emotions flowing and out of our bodies. When it all feels like too much, consider going to a safe place and letting it all out. Crying is not a sigh of weakness. In fact I’d argue that tucking these emotions away, exposing them to others, and refusing to deal with them is the easy route; but being able to sit with them and alchemize them without dragging anyone else into the storm signals great strength and mastery.


Sit with yourself and allow the turbulent waters within you to calm. Think on how you’re feeling, where these feelings came from, and give them permission to leave you now. Practice breathing in slowly and out slowly, imagining that you’re filling yourself with light with each breath, hold it, and let it emanate your whole body— then breathe out allowing all that is causing tension to exit with your breath. If you are feeling extremely intense you can practice the “Orca Whale” breathing exercise; Take a big deep breath in, let it fill your body— and then breath out with great force. While doing this, imagine expelling anything that doesn’t belong from your body, release more tension with each breath. Do this at least ten times. Be patient and give your body, mind, and spirit time to transmute these things.

When you find yourself absorbing too much or caught in a whirlwind of intense emotions, remember that you have the ability to transmute them— you are not stuck. Dive deep into the root of these emotions and validate the lesson these emotions are attempting to teach you through your expression of them. Not only is this lifting weight off of you, it is sending up a beacon of light to those enduring similar lessons.

“The wound is where the light enters you.”



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Just a spiritual being having a human experience ☀️💜🔮🧿🧬💎🌞

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