Tips for Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat for Good

by Jade Pulman 5 months ago in weight loss

Unwanted Fat

Tips for Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat for Good

If you find yourself struggling to get rid of stubborn fat around your midsection, then this article is a must read. First, we will assess that question on everyone’s mind; what is belly fat or that squishiness we are all too familiar with. It is always beneficial to understand the different types of belly fat to better target your problem area. All you really need to do is slightly alter your lifestyle to ensure you no longer spend endless hours trying to battle the bulge.

When you notice your stomach is larger than normal, it becomes obvious that the organs in your stomach are surrounded by fat. You may hit the gym for hours on end, and diet until you go crazy, with minimal results to show your efforts. This is where evaluating your lifestyle can help you achieve better results in your stomach tightening efforts. Consider adding fresh lemon slices to your water and consume an eight ounce glass before bed. The lemon will trap fat molecules, and you will find yourself flushing out unwanted fat cells overnight. Consider making this a part of a nightly regimen to see faster results.


It is also a wise decision to avoid sugar and over-sweetened drinks completely. This will not only allow you to see the pounds shed quickly, but you are also lessening your chances of illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes. If you have a hard time giving up your sweet treats and drinks, then consider adding frozen fruits and berries to naturally flavor your water. A really healthy snack that my kids beg for in summer are frozen grapes. They are cooling, refreshing, and oddly resemble that sweet candy we all adore.


There are those times when no matter how well you eat, or regardless of the fact you spent half of your week in the gym; you actually gain weight. You may want to consider your stress levels in this instance. There is a hormone in our bodies called cortisol; stress raises cortisol, and cortisol promotes belly fat. You may find it helpful to practice yoga, meditation, or other forms of exercise that are known to help reduce stress. Swimming is a very beneficial form of exercise for any person; this is because it presents very little stress on the body. If you have just had surgery, then consider a low impact form of exercise until your body heals.


It is important to consume plenty of water, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats if you are really wanting to see your midsection tighten up. Of course it is necessary to exercise, but this does not have to only happen in the gym. Turn on your favorite tunes while you sweep, mop, or clean the bathroom. Not only will the job go faster, but honestly you will feel like a kid again. Once I added music to my cleaning routine, I truly have not minded cleaning day every time it arrives. If you have children, then you are promoting a healthier lifestyle early on in life.

It will take some time to see noticeable results, but do not give up. You will feel as if your skin is getting looser before it will actually tighten. This is because the fat that has been clinging to your stomach muscles has finally separated from the muscle. This is a great thing, because now you can work on tightening your midsection. Just make sure you stick to eating a healthy diet. It is okay to splurge from time to time, but do not go back to bad snacking habits. Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, feel fuller, and enjoy healthy glowing skin.

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Jade Pulman
Jade Pulman
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