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"Think differently" is a series of books to help develop critical thinking.

by Samad Mammadov 2 years ago in literature
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Interesting mission for critical thinking

In may additionally 2018 the British publishing residence quarto released an interesting project for critical thinking referred to as build come to be. It blanketed virtual content material and a chain of occasions designed to make people assume in a different way and to mirror how clients increasingly download something from infographics to podcasts. Similarly, quarto said that build turns out to be will provide an inspiring set of books each written by specialists and will cover a number of hot topics in regions which include era politics philosophy and sociology. The collection aims to help readers build their knowledge of a rapidly changing world. creativity. use unconventional solutions every day. creativity. use unconventional solutions every day. how often we waste time thinking and prostration instead of writing an important text working on a presentation or other project. suddenly we don't think we can squeeze out any bright thoughts or exciting phrases. many experts call this state the fear of a clean slate. some of us will decide that they just don't have a creative beginning. but the British artist and author of the book creativity Michael atawar i am sure that creativity is embedded in every person the main thing is to find an individual approach and pump creative skills. small and simple exercises will help readers to develop their creative abilities no matter if you work in a creative environment or for example you are a beginner entrepreneur. the book is written in simple language and the bright illustrations made by the author will turn it into a desktop guide for anyone who wants to develop creative soft skills. order a book. technology. use them to realize your potential. technology. use them to realize your potential in recent years technology has developed at a frantic rate. we learn how to use new gadgets enjoy watching the development of various industries and even trying to predict technology trends. but along with the rapid growth of technology the global industrial landscape as a whole has changed: some professions are becoming obsolete losing their relevance while others, on the contrary, are gaining popularity and become mega-demanding. how can one learn to navigate in this flow of technical information this is told by the book technology in the series think differently. Gerald lynches a British journalist who has devoted his career to technological development explains why it is important to notice the changes why such discoveries as augmented reality glasses bionic technology the use of drones are important for each of us. in fact the future is already here. it is important not to miss the moment. order a book. communications. learn to understand others and communicate productively. communications. learn to understand others and communicate productively. do you want to learn to read the emotions of others easily maintain a conversation and find an approach to each person Rita carters book communication will talk about the hidden mechanisms of our psyche that manifest themselves in the process of communication? for example, we have the unique ability to read the faces of our interlocutors. this skill is literally sewn into our brains. all we have to do is to consciously use our abilities. by learning to understand the emotions of interlocutors you will be able to communicate more easily and effectively in personal and business meetings. from this book, you will learn what the crowd effect is how it works and how to avoid it, especially in teamwork. you will understand the mechanisms of spreading new trends in society. you will be able to understand who should be trusted and who should not. at a time when communications are reaching a new level, you need to learn to make the most of communication with other people. order a book. decision making. get rid of stereotypes and manage your life. decision making. get rid of stereotypes and manage your life. some believe that philosophy is a science that is detached from modern life and reality. but many of the moral issues that concern our society are of a philosophical nature. the British philosopher Adam Ferner in his book decision-making raises global problems of the modern world: from a craze for computer games to paying taxes. a bit immersed in the subject readers will see that philosophy as a wi-fi permeates our whole life. sometimes the author raises too controversial questions sometimes he is eager to engage in a discussion with it but that is exactly what the book is all about. you will learn to reflect on the reality of our world to understand the truth of our desires to see where we are manipulated to make our own decisions to take critical information.


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