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The unknown facts about Neem

Importance of Neem

By Parveen Baloch Published 2 months ago 3 min read

"The village pharmacy" It is neither the name of a village nor the name of a pharmacist shop, but is a name used for the Neem tree. Neem is considered One of the most important and anciently used tree. According to reports, Neem trees are considered the native of African and Indian subcontinent. The trees of Neem are called evergreen because they can grow in all types of soil. The canopy of Neem is thick and widespread, because its branches can spread across around 20 meters from its crown. The importance of Neem is always highly valued, specially in Ayurveda. Because it has solution to several problems.

As we see neem is always used in cosmetics and other beauty products like face washes and shampoos because it has several benefits for the skin. Neem helps to nourish the skin, treat acne, bacterial and fungal infection. It also helps to control Blackheads and whiteheads. Neem is a medicinal plant it has antibacterial and anti inflammatory Properties. It not only treat skin but also has several other importance too.

Importance of Neem

1. Neem treats several diseases

The tree of Neem is fully beneficial from top to roots. The leaves, flowers, seed, fruits, barks and even roots are also used in medicinal purposes. Each part of the Neem tree has the capability to treat diseases. It is being used since ancient time for the treatment of inflammation, skin disease, heart disease diabetes, like hundreds of other diseases.

2. Neem control soil acidification

It is believed that the leaves of Neem tree are slightly alkaline in nature. Their pH value is about 8.2 that helps to neutralize the acidic soil. So the tree of Neem is important to be cultivated in cities, because the soil in Cities is highly acidic due to pollution.

3. Neem tree can reduce air pollution

The leaves of Neem tree are densely populated, and they also grow in large amount. This helps to absorb more carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxides of sulfur and other such harmful materials from the air. That's why cities need more Neem tree to overcome the effects of pollution.

4. Neem helps in temperature control

It is believed that a fully grown Neem tree can control the temperature of its surrounding area in summer. Other studies also believe that the Neem tree can overcome the temperature, about 10 degree Celsius, in its surrounding. In villages, usually large Neem tree provide shelter in summer and is an ideal place for gatherings which are hold under it.

5. Neem is a safe and best pesticide

Nowadays, pesticides are synthesized from different types of chemical which can be harmful to humans and other animal's health, because they depend on plants. In ancient times, the leaves and seeds of Neem trees were used as pesticides. Because it has no side effects on health and environment. So it still can be a better option to use it as pesticides.

6. Neem is used for oral hygiene

The twigs of Neem tree were used as tooth brush in ancient times, and some people also chew it because it is good for oral hygiene. But nowadays, it is being ignored, and other chemicals filled toothpaste have covered its place. But its importance is more than any other products.

Nowadays, in the name of development, the trees of Neem are being cut down. The biggest reason behind the cutting is the rapidly increased population of human and May be people even most of us are still not aware about the importance of Neem tree. We need to Spread awareness how Neem is important for our living.


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