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*The Ultimate Healthy Living Guide*

by Noëlla 11 months ago in diet

An extensive guide to help you eat better, live a better life, boost your immune system, & keep your vibrations high!

*The Ultimate Healthy Living Guide*
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*The Ultimate Healthy Living Guide*

Sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed with getting or staying healthy. I believe that we have a tendency to complicate things more for ourselves when the solution is quite simple to begin with. Staying on track with maintaining a healthy lifestyle can definitely be difficult at times. But, if we all make conscious decisions every day to incorporate at least some healthy habits we can all be in a somewhat better space. I don't think eating healthy is that hard or even that costly, those are just excuses in my opinion. Sometimes we don't have any clue what to cook/eat and that's why I chose to create this guide. I feel that it's okay to indulge every now and again, but everything in moderation. When you eat a load of crap you feel like a load of crap. You'll notice that after eating a not so healthy meal you feel very sluggish. Whereas when you eat fresh fruit & vegetables or a more healthier meal you feel energized. You are what you eat! If you want to feel more alive you should strive to eat more fresh lively foods! I have formulated a list of food ideas that I believe can work for everyone who is looking to cut down on the fast food lifestyle and be on a healthier path. Of course if you have our own stipulations on what you consume or don't consume you can skip those certain suggestions. For almost everything we eat there is a healthier alternative to that available, so you can tweak these ideas anyway you like to fit your specific needs and tastes.

Also following the list of different food ideas you will find 25 tips that I believe can aid in the process of improving your lifestyle to a healthier one overall, if followed. If you take the time to incorporate some or all of these suggestions I can guarantee you'll feel much more alive and better overall. Take good care of your body and it will take care of you in return. That's the goal!

If you're unsure about what some of these are or how to go about it you can always do some more research.


1. Oatmeal/Overnight Oats (add-ins: fruit/nuts)

2. Whole Grain Cereal/Granola

3. Fruit Smoothie/Shake

4. Parfait

5. Fruit

6. Omelette/Frittata

7. English Muffin w/ Tea or Hot Chocolate

8. Toast w/ Tea or Hot Chocolate

9. Multigrain Waffles/Pancakes

10. Oats & Berries Waffles

11. Muffin/Scone

12. Breakfast Burrito/Taco

13. Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

14. Smoothie/Acai Bowl

15. Banana Bread

16. French Toast

17. Breakfast Croissant

18. Breakfast Quiche

19. Breakfast Hash

20. Skillet Apples or Peaches w/ cinnamon, oats, granola


1. Salad(Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Arugula)

Add-Ins: Avocado, Quinoa, Tuna, Eggs, Beans, Chicken, Shrimp, Onions, Radishes, Carrots, Corn, Tomatoes, Salsa, Cucumbers, Jalapenos, Pepperoncini, Tortilla Strips/Chips, Croutons, Sun Chips, Nuts

2. Macaroni/Tuna/Chicken/Shrimp Salad

3. Tuna Salad w/Bread or Crackers

4. Chicken Salad w/Bread or Crackers

5. Chicken/Turkey/Veggie Wraps w/Tortilla

6. Avocado Toast

7. Lettuce Wraps

8. Soup

9. Baked or Sweet Potato

10. Roasted/Sauteed Veggies

11. Veggie Pizza

12. Baked Fish or Chicken w/ Veggies

13. Rice and Beans

14. Poke Bowl

15. Grilled Chicken Sandwich/Sliders

16. Chicken or Shrimp Pasta

17. Pesto Pasta

18. Chicken or Fish Tacos

19. Panini

20. Quesadilla

21. Burrito

22. Tuna/Chicken/Egg Salad Sandwich

23. Taco Salad

24. Tuna Melt

25. Turkey Burger/ Black Bean Burger

26. Burrito Bowl

27. Stuffed Avocados

28. Stuffed Peppers

29. Noodles/Noodle Bowl

30. Veggie Sub

31. Gyro

32. Lentils

33. Fajitas

34. Couscous

35. Quinoa Salad

36. Pita Pocket

37. Quiche

38. Sliced Cucumbers w/ Boiled Egg & Italian Dressing


1. Baked Fish w/ Veggies

2. Baked Fish w/ Rice and Veggies

3. Baked Fish w/ Salad

4. Baked Chicken w/ Rice and Veggies

5.Baked Chicken w/ Salad

6. Baked Chicken or Fish w/ Roasted Poatatoes

7. Baked Chicken or Fish w/ Mashed Potatoes and Veggies

8. Chicken Stir Fry

9. Shrimp Stir Fry

10. Chicken or Turkey Chili

11. Veggie Chili

12. Veggie Lasagna

13. Stuffed Peppers

14. Chicken Kebabs w/ Rice, Veggies, or Salad

15. Shrimp Kebabs w/ Rice, Veggies or Salad

16. Pot Roast

17. Pot Pie

18. Pasta

19. Baked Potato

20. Stuffed Peppers or Tomatoes


1. Plain Fruit/Veggies

2. Nuts/Seeds

3. Yogurt(Parfait)

4. Granola/Granola Bars

5. Carrot Sticks w/ Dressing

6. Celery Sticks w/ Dressing

7. Celery Sticks w/ Nut Butter

8. Raisins

9. Trail Mix

10. Tuna w/ Crackers

11. Apples w/ Nut Butter

12. Avocado Toast

13. Guacamole w/ Chips

14. Chips and Salsa

15. Hummus w/ Veggies or Crackers

16. Side Salad

17. Toast w/ Nut Butter

18. Seaweed

19. Pita Chips

20. Veggie Chips

21. Crackers w/ Cheese

22. Sun Chips

23. Fig Bars

24. Apple/Banana/Coconut Chips

25. Roasted Chickpeas

26. Air Popped Popcorn

27. Edamame

28. Hard Boiled Eggs

29. Muffin

30. Overnight Oats

31. Protein Bar

32. Protein Shake/Smoothie

33. Dried Fruit

34. Triscuit Crackers

35. Cereal

36. Apple Sauce

37. Rice Cakes

38. Celery Sticks w/Cream Cheese

39. Dark Chocolate

40. Olives

41. Tuna/Sardines

42. Sweet Potato Fries

43. Banana Bread

44. Skillet Apples or Peaches w/ Cinnamon and Oats

45. Spinach Artichoke Dip

46. Chia Pudding

Healthy Food Options/Alternatives







Fruit Infused

Coconut Water


Sprouted Whole Grain

Whole Wheat






Wheat Pita/Tortilla


Brown Rice

Yellow Rice






Sun Chips




Mrs. Dash

Pink Salt

Sea Salt



Cane Sugar

25 Healthy Living Tips:

-Daily Vitamins/Supplements

-Natural Remedies/Herbs Over Medication

-Drink Plenty of Water/Tea

-Tonics(Olive Leaf Extract, Blackseed Oil)

-Food: Fruit & Vegetables/Healthy Fats/Protein/Nuts

-Healthy Cooking: Clean your fruit, vegetables, and meat protein with ACV or Lemon



-Aromatherapy: Essential Oils/Candles


-Healing Crystals

-Positive Thinking: Law Of Attraction/Mantras/Subliminals

-Sound Therapy: Music/Dance/Healing Frequencies

-Mind Stimulation: Reading, Word or Number Puzzles/GamesSalad

-Stress Relief Through Art: Drawing/Doodling, Painting, Coloring

-Deep Breathing Exercises

-Oil Pulling

-Natural Toothpastes: No fluoride

-Natural Deodorants: No Aluminum, No Artificial Fragrances

-Keeping Your Space Clean: You breathe better and feel better when your living space is clean.

-Minimize/Cut Out Microwave Usage

-Choose lean meat proteins

-Minimize/Cut Out Meat & Pork Consumption

-Use Glass Containers Over Plastic

-Lower Sugar/Salt Intake

I hope that by reading through this healthy living guide you have realized that there are some things that you can do differently with your daily habits to help you improve and stabilize your health to live an overall better life!



The Possibilities Are Endless


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