The top 5 Things that Covid has learnt me about my self.

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I have changed many things in my life for the better!

The top 5 Things that Covid has learnt me about my self.
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I know that the Covid outbreak has been difficult for us all. It certainly has been a long time. It has brought us many challenges for us all and has pushed us to our limits. I think some say it’s a bad thing. I believe the people who have lost there life’s due to this virus is terrible. It has brought many good things for me. It’s made me realise what I need to change in life and the things that could be better for me. It’s given me time to think. I’ve got the energy to change my life for the better. It has given me this time to improve my self as a person. I would like to think we have all changed through this and become better people. These are the top 5 things that Covid has learnt me about myself:

1. I have learnt that I don’t always need to go for the day out to have fun- I use to go out everyday to take my mind off things and to make life changing memories with those around me. I have now learnt that this isn’t always the case because you are still able to have fun when your at home just in different ways.

2. It’s learnt me to try new things- I was to worried about doing different things and getting involved with different things. I have now learnt that I’m able to have hobbies and meet new people. I have learnt many new things and I’m enjoying them so much. I’m looking forward to taking it one step further in the future and enjoying it.

3. I have learnt to help more people- I think this virus has taught us that we need to come together more often and help each other out. I think if we become more of a community. It will make the future better for us all. I have certainly changed my ways and it is for sure for the better.

4. The current situation has helped me arrange my finances better- since the lockdown I have been able to sit down and work out the money I’ve got coming in and the bills I’ve got coming out. Which is great because I’ve been able to get more for my money and it’s helped me save up to which is great for me.

5. It’s helped me to become a better person- The lockdown has made me more thankful of my life. It’s helped me understand that you have to make the most of every single day as you never know what is around the corner. I will always take every day for granted from now on. I have started helping people more often and making a better life for everybody.

These are the things that I’ve changed during lockdown. I’m forever grateful to have made the most out of a very difficult situation at the time. These are the things I’ve achieved. I would like to think everybody has made at least one change during lockdown for the better.

I can finally see a rainbow at the end of the tunnel. I’m starting to look forward to what is to come for me and what I’ve got to look forward to around those closest to me. I think life is worth living and we should live it to the fullest while we still have the chances in life.

I hope you enjoyed reading what has changed in my life during lockdown. I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to making more content in the future for you. I really appreciate you reading my content.

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