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The most spectacular way to perform a Straight arm pullover

by Anytimeeeee about a year ago in fitness
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The straight arm pullover is an excellent exercise that targets our upper body muscles including, the chest, core and triceps. I

The straight arm pullover is an excellent exercise that targets our upper body muscles including, the chest, core and triceps. It also promises to work out the lats and read deltoid that ensures improved body performance and stability. This one is a convenient version of the pullover that is not very popular yet helpful. For those who practice this exercise regularly at the gym, they receive results that last for a lifetime. So, let us take a look at this incredible straight arm pullover workout that will change the game for you!

How are the straight arm pulldown muscles worked?

There is a reason why so many trainers at the gym recommend the straight arm pullover as an efficient exercise. For the upper body, this workout can help make movements easier by working out the right muscles. Since it also targets the lats, this exercise leaves a lasting impact on this body part. As you keep the arms straight in this exercise, you also prevent the mid-back and biceps from taking over the movement. As a result, you are drawing total concentration on your upper body and making sure to foster flexibility. The straight arm pulldown muscles worked are not only strong but also healthy in many ways.

How to do a straight arm pulldown at home?

1. Attach a rope handle to a high pulley of a cable station. Hold the edges in both hands and stand facing the cable station.

2. Now, pull your shoulder blades back together and down. Pretend to stuff them in your back pockets so, make movements like that.

3. Pull your ribs down, tuck your tailbone under and brace your core. Your torso should feel solid. Bend your hips back until your torso is at a 30-45-degree angle.

4. Step back from the station a bit. This will help create tension for you. At this point, your arms will be extended, fully overhead. This will make you feel a stretch on your lats. Set your feet at shoulder width.

5. Gradually, drive your arms down to the sides. Lockout your elbows. Your hands must align with each other. Repeat the exercise all over again. This is how you can have your straight arm pulldown muscles worked.

How to do a rope straight arm pulldown?

The rope straight arm pulldown is a variation of the straight arm exercise. This pulldown workout is beneficial for the lats as well as the body muscles. As this exercise is convenient to perform, it can be practiced by both novices and professionals. If you want to perform this workout, follow the instructions to leave no stone unturned.

How to perform rope straight arm pulldown? Stand in front of a high pulley with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure that both your knees are slightly bent. You must hold the attachment with both your hands. This is your start position. Once you are ready, keep your arms fully extended. Now, pull the rope downwards till it reaches your hip. Your hands must reach your sides. Don’t change the position of your trunk as that may make things awful for you. Once you reach the bottom, pause for a few seconds. Keep breathing gradually. Repeat the rope straight arm pulldown a few times to get the desired benefits.

Straight arm pulldown alternatives to try now

Although the straight arm pulldown is a good work out many find it a bit complexing. The cable machine and pulley make this task seem slightly daunting. But don’t worry. Just because you find this exercise difficult doesn’t mean you have to give up on its benefits as well. Here are a few top straight arm pulldown alternatives to try out right away!

1. Commando traction

Commando traction is one of the most effective straight arm pulldown alternatives. If you are looking to work on the vertical plane, this exercise will come in handy. Here’s how to do it- Hold the bar tightly with both your hands. Make sure that your hands are parallel to one another. The bar must be running crosswise above your head. Create traction by going with the head to the right side. Then do it on the contrary. Repeat the exercise for added benefits.

2. Straight arm dumbbell pullover

This one is a useful way to work out your muscles without much hindrance. Here’s how to perform it- Grasp a dumbbell in both hands and allow your arms to hang down on your body. Let the palms face forward. Now, bend the forearm and bring the dumbbell to your shoulders. Then lower your shoulders slightly. Exercise your biceps with this dumbbell workout.

3. Horizontal traction

This one is another potential straight arm alternative to try out right away.

Grab a barbell with both your hands. If you want to overload the exercise, keep the weight higher so that there is more weight to pull down. Try and perform as many repetitions as you can for this exercise. It will help immensely.

The bottom line

These were some of the best straight arm pulldown workouts to try at home. Don’t forget to try one if you want to grasp the benefits for yourself.


1. Name one more straight arm pulldown alternative to try at home.

Bent arm barbell can work wonders in this case.

2. Is the rope straight arm pulldown helpful?

Yes. If you follow the steps correctly, the workout will become more convenient to perform.

3. Are the straight arm pulldown muscles worked?



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