The Memories of Emotion

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How Memories are tied to Emotions

The Memories of Emotion

Uncertain to what becomes of this. Emotions of anger & confusion clouds our thoughts. In the moment, fear & anxiety manifests. Unable to decipher our true intentions we lash out in hopes to make sense of it all. Words being used to control what’s being heard only to make matters worse. We forget the importance of being present & fail to realize how much we care for one another. We have the best interest at heart for one another but rather than come to a consensus we trigger negative emotions that ends up bursting into flames.

The past is just a fragment of history that defined a moment of who we were. The idea of trying to remember what we felt before becomes almost a trigger to negative emotions that followed. We lose sense of self & lash out in rage as if to be attacked.

Time passes & the body resets. Thinking back to what happened feels like a brush stroke that was left on a canvas. A painting left for everyone to see & analyze. Having an outside perspective changes the dynamic. Seeing the finished product gives you memory of the past but having the unknown analyze & critic without context brings life & realizations that was unavailable at first.

Flashes of a memory resurface. Like a moth to a flame details become faint but the emotions are what reminds us of the impact. Emotional memory are memories that stem from emotional episodes of the past. Similar to trauma & PTSD, these memories tend to cast a wider net & helps validate the importance of what's being remembered.

Memories are but a dream that gives us meaning. Meaning to the experience & what came from it. Reviewing the past in a perspective different from when currently going through it gives insight & you see things that wasn't normally there. As if to dream a dream where things are not as they seem but to be filtered. Left for the dreamer to decipher & understand it's true meaning.

Trauma are experiences that leaves a scar that's difficult to heal. Leaving remnants of pain & suffering, traumas reminds us of a time (or times) when the event(s) began. The moment manifests & takes hold while making its stamp on those effected by the trauma. The thing with trauma is that we have the tools to overcome it. Battling our emotions and fears becomes a fight in itself, being able to truly analyze our traumas & use them as tools for strength & success.

Emotional Memories provides connection to the past. It reminds us of what we went through & how the memory brought us to where we are. Sometimes it's a necessary event that caused a change in our lives for us to evolve into the person we are today. Understanding the events of the past from then & now gives us perspective as well as information we may not have seen prior that could potentially help out in present times.

Overall, our memories are what makes us who we are. Good or bad, being able to look back on events and emotional times that made us feel what we feel then as well as now gives us different perspectives. How we felt before, in that current time, going through things whether it's a happy, sad or mad memory its different from its current time because looking back at those memories gives us a sentimental nostalgia.

It also helps us to acknowledge how far we have come and can give us hope for the future. Emotional Memories is a way for us to cope with our past experiences in relation to our own character growth. Enhancing our self development & bringing about positive change into the world around us.

Goosey Q.
Goosey Q.
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