The Many Jobs of Sustainable Scott

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Trying to become sustainable takes a lot of knowledge, only learned from many many different jobs.

The Many Jobs of Sustainable Scott
US Army 2005

Joined the army at 17 years old , and found myself serving a year in Iraq in 2005 as a Infantryman .

In 2008 I was a federal security officer at NORAD USNorthcom , and transitioned into the US Air Force Federal Police .

In 2010 , I became the lead Grower at a well renowned medical cannabis dispensary in Colorado Springs Colorado

Medical Cannabis was the first plant I was taught how to grow and it began my farming experience.

In 2012 I became a Father and raised this beautiful girl , Olivia ❤️
Graduation from college with science degree in Drafting and Design , and a bachelors degree in Project Managenment. 2014
In 2015 , I owned and operated IT Wizards Computer Repair , my own IT computer Business, offering repair and service support for a dozen companies in Fort Worth Texas .

Olivia Grew fast . ❤️ So did my love for her .

Taught Olivia about gardening

Took her to the White House and Washington DC .
In 2016 I left America to New Zealand, and became a traveling blogger and backpacker. Working a few Jobs , to get experience and prepare for owning my own farm. Here I got experience as a bee 🐝 keeper .

Bees 🐝 are super cool and interesting animals to raise, but they HURT when they sting !!! I got used to it after the first 10 times , then it didn’t bother so much, just Iched like crazy !
Got invited to the sail boat races and sailed with the vice Commodore of the littleton yacht club NZ .

Did many kilometres of Hikes , all around New Zealand as a backpacker.

Swam in ice cold ❄️ glacier water , and never felt more alive.

Climbed a few mountains, and contemplated manifest destiny.

Built a sick camper van out of pallet wood and had solar panels on the roof I used to bake bread 🍞 with a second hand bread maker.

It was delicious to say the least.

Built a few chicken coops for friends while woofing at a few places .

That Apple storage container out of pallet wood .

Volunteered for a day at a New Zealand dairy farm to learn the ropes and where milk comes from. I wanted to have my own milk 🥛 and honey 🍯 Farm one day, so it was important for me to experience both bee 🐝 keeping and dairy farming .

Operated a auger tractor for the wheat 🌾 harvest , and got to drive a super duper tractor 🚜 for experience. The farm life is definitely my dream job, one ☝️ day it will come .

Also got to work at a nursery potting plants all day, learning how to manage thousands of plants and rotate them around the garden to get best sunlight and water plan.
Built a trailer garden a few times to tow behind my camper van.

Second Generation trailer garden green house , full of potatoes 🥔.
This was the 3rd generation trailer garden , complete with beats , Broccoli 🥦, a mandarin 🍊 tree , potatoes , Mustard seed , celery, Kumara , onions .

And kale , strawberries 🍓, But it definitely needed more work, I imagine if I didn’t have to leave New Zealand because my visa expired , the trailer garden could have been Super duper incredible.

Pretty much a engineer.... 😂

In 2018 , I moved to Australia, and started installing solar panels , learning to be an electrician as a apprentice, I had to give up my job to help my wife take care of our disabled son.

Spent some time working as a guide in the out back at Uluru.

That giant red rock in the Center of Australia ...

The beard was essential to be a guide in the outback .

Working as a guide we also had to be our own mechanic, driving in the outback alone with a tour , we had to know how to do the essentials, cause in the outback , it’s like the last frontier 6 hours away from anything.

Even though my time as a guide was brief , I was so thankful for the experience, and this awesome crocodile tooth hat .

Back to the solar life ...

Some where on the way to 1000 panels , you get lost in the free energy of it all, and it becomes you. You literally become free energy. I can’t really explain it, only solar installers would understand, its one of the most influential jobs I’ve had in my life . And I’m so thankful for the experience.

Now , I’m a full time daddy. Never thought in my life I would raise a disabled child , but it’s been the most humbling experience of my life.

Working a few hours a day, for 10$ a hour , it allows me to put food on the table , help my family, and deliver food for urber eats. .

Modified this second hand luggage container for my bike , to use for urber eats.

Of course one day , will be sustainable when people learn the value to their life from off grid energy.

Started sustainable Scott in 2015 , and it’s been 4 years , still not sustainable, but trying everyday. Much love, thanks for reading 📖.

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